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How to Get African American Hair to Grow Faster and Longer

How to Get African American Hair to Grow Faster and Longer

African American hair is curly and usually coarse in texture. Even so, it can be categorized into four types, ranging from marginally curly to tight curls that resemble the pattern S when stretched. It appears to have a very distinctive look and has its roots in African culture.

On average, most hair types grow at a rate of ½ inches a month, and black hair generally grows at a much slower pace. Therefore, many people are not happy with their rate of growth, and many routines that are used on ethnic hair will not help grow it faster. Instead, it can cause breakage of the hair and create even slower hair growth and texture issues and in extreme cases no actual hair length will appear due to breakage.

Sometimes, people use relaxers to make the hair appear straight for personal satisfaction but avoid using it at any cost because that will surely damage the hair over time. There are healthier ways of growing hair and if you wish to know how to make black hair grow faster and longer, read through the blog. is keratin good for curly hair

Lock in Moisture

Now, all of us know that treating your hair naturally without using chemicals is the best way to flaunt your shiny mane. Haven’t our grandparents given us tips on how to maintain a natural shine on our black hair? Or how to grow black hair naturally? The answer will always be a unanimous yes. Because they knew the best way to have beautiful, long, and thick black hair that can be tied in buns or any other style.

Now, African American hair tends to be drier, and it might initially seem difficult to grow at a good length. However, taking proper care is the key to hair health and growth. To fight issues like dryness of hair, use products that help retain moisture inside your hair.

Steer Clear of Chemicals

Also, it is best to steer clear of chemicals when incorporating proper hair care in your daily schedule. If you are wondering about how to grow natural black hair without chemicals, let me tell you vegetables like onion and seeds like fenugreek can be effective in that. The juice of raw onions helps restrict hair fall to a great extent.

Another natural treatment is using rice water on the hair as a treatment. Rice water has been used in many asian cultures for centuries and it has long been suggested to enable hair growth of up to six feet in some areas of Japan. In addition avoid using hair dryers and different types of instruments to style your hair in a trendy fashion. Some of these hairstyles create stress for natural hair causing extensive damage. Include the pre-pooing technique for your everyday hair care routine. Pre pooing is the pre-shampoo method of applying oils or lotion to the hair and scalp, for extensive damage or overly dry hair we recommend applying jojoba oil in this routine.

Though it might sound funny, it is effective as it retains the natural oils in your hair during the washing process keeping it from becoming dry and frizzy.

Pick Products Carefully for Black Hair

Picking the right products for your black hair can be tricky. So, begin by buying the hair care products that suit your hair type. The curlier the hair, the drier it is.

Use biotin products for natural black hair growth and thickness. It is an effective product that doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils, and neither does it make your hair greasy. However, remember not to wash your hair frequently. It might leave your hair dry and brittle.

Sometimes we are in the habit of washing our hair every time after a gym session, but that can be harmful. Instead of shampooing it, the hair can be washed using biotin and keratin conditioner and water. For growing African American hair, it is imperative to wash it at least twice a week with biotin shampoo to wash the dirt and oil accumulated on the scalp.

Daily use of biotin and keratin conditioner with and without shampoo is essential to promoting healthy hair and reducing breakage. The added benefit to these Biotin Xtreme products is the fact that they are plant based and free of harmful chemicals that will leave no residual on the hair to make it look and feel better. Keratin is very effective in smoothing the cuticle of the hair shaft which improves breakage resulting in the hairs ability to grow to longer lengths. As well as having no sulfates or parabens which are believed to be dangerous to use on the scalp. Always using plant based products will benefit not only you and your hair but will also be better for the environment.

Using Biotin to fortify hair follicles aids in growing long and healthy hair. It boosts keratin, which boosts hair growth, providing a lustrous or sensuous mane, whichever you prefer. Using Biotin Xtreme’s Biotin follicle stimulator spray is less time-consuming and more effective in growing long black hair and doesn’t remove the essential oils.

So, now that you know the trick. Get started. Have a happy hair day! Visit Biotin Xtreme Hair Care website.

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