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How Biotin Xtreme Works

Biotin Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray

With over 30 years of experience in the hair care and hair loss industry, BXT's founders have developed a line of biotin products with certified pure natural ingredients. BXT's natural biotin shampoo and conditioner product line is color-safe with no hormones, sulfates or parabens. Our biotin shampoo and conditioner for hair growth are proven effective in preventing hair loss, restoring thinning hair and improving hair growth. BXT's biotin shampoos and conditioners aim to give you the healthier, fuller hair you've always wanted. We offer the best biotin shampoo and conditioner for hair growth available today.

•Drug Free Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

•Removes DHT and Stimulates Hair Growth

• Made for Normal, Fine, and Thinning Hair

• No Sulfates, Hormones, or Parabens

• Certified Pure Natural Ingredients

• Reduces Hair Loss

• Hormones Free Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

Why Biotin Xtreme Hair Care

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About Our Biotin Shampoo,Conditioner and Spray Products


Biotin Xtreme Biotin Shampoo

Biotin Xtreme Hair Care makes the best Natural Biotin Shampoo as a color-safe daily thickening shampoo made to improve thinning hair and hair loss in both men and women. The 99.5% natural shampoo is sulfate, paraben, and gluten-free. It utilizes all certified pure ingredients including biotin b complex, quinoa and jojoba, which make it one of the best natural shampoos on the market today.


Biotin Xtreme Weightless Conditioner

Biotin Xtreme Hair Care's Natural Conditioner for men and women is specially formulated for all hair types. The lightweight, color-safe biotin and keratin conditioner is easily absorbed into the hair while still providing deep conditioning and a weightless finish. The 99.7% natural conditioner is color-safe, as well as sulfate, paraben and gluten-free making it an easy choice for fuller hair and clean hair growth.


Biotin Xtreme Hair Restoration Spray

BXT makes the best follicle stimulator, our Natural Biotin Hair Restoration Spray. The topical leave-in DHT blocker and follicle stimulator for thinning hair and hair loss is the third step in our program. It is best used after our Biotin Shampoo and Biotin Conditioner. Our spray is color-safe, sulphate, paraben and hormone-free. It is over 95% natural and safe for men's and women's hair loss. As a natural DHT blocker and inhibitor, our spray will open up the follicle to improve blood flow and in turn enable the nutrient rich ingredients to be more easily absorbed into the follicle to improve the health and fullness of the hair.

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What Others Are Saying about BXT

Before I got on the BXT program, my hair was thin and brittle and it seemed more and more was left in the shower. BXT reversed all of my issues and now my barber can't believe my hair!


As a woman, it's tough to deal with thinning hair or hair loss. Harder to talk about it. But when I tried biotin xtreme, it didn't just stop my hair from thinning, but my hair came  back in the places where I was thinning. It's like a new lease on life.


I've been a client of the owners of  Biotin Xtreme Hair Care for many years now. As my hair thinned I became a client of their hair loss program .The new product line has saved my hair. It hasn't been this thick in years. I'm a customer for life.