Best Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

Biotin Xtreme Hair Cares' natural biotin shampoo and conditioner is a color safe daily thickening shampoo made to improve men's and women's thinning hair, and hair loss. Being a 99.5% natural shampoo and utilizing our certified pure biotin b complex makes it one of the best natural shampoos and conditioner for hair growth, thinning hair and hair loss on the market today.


Natural Shampoo and Conditioner  

Our natural shampoo and conditioner for men and women is sulphate, paraben, and gluten free making it color safe and effective for all hair types. Never tested on animals the ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner are all certified pure, sourced in USA and proven effective in improving the conditions found in normal, fine, and thinning hair, while improving hair growth naturally without hormones and other harmful chemicals. It is designed to pinpoint certain hair growth issues and offer a solution. Being one of the best natural DHT Blocker Shampoos and inhibitor it will improve blood flow to the follicle by opening up the scalp and removing DHT to aid in the life cycle of the hair to improve thickening, stop thinning and promote natural hair growth. By improving the overall condition of the scalp and creating an environment for healthy hair growth it will improve breakage, elasticity, and create fuller hair by stimulating the follicle. Our shampoo and conditioner strengthen and repairs weak, damaged, thinning, over processed and frizzy hair. Balancing the overall condition of the scalp with our essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can aid in a host of problems including dry hair, oily scalp, dandruff, dullness, brittleness and hair breakage, which will all contribute to thinning hair and hair loss in men and women.

Essential Ingredients in Our Shampoo and Conditioner

Biotin, Jojoba, and Quinoa along with other essential natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential ingredients that are beneficial for all hair types and very effective in removing sebum and inhibiting the production of DHT or dihydrotestosterone, the leading cause of hair loss in men and women. Our biotin restoration spray is a topical application product that slows hair shedding with deep nourishment. Biotin is created by bacteria in the intestines and can also be consumed from raw supplements. It is a coenzyme that aids the production of healthy hair. The natural biotin shampoo and conditioner will increase blood flow to the follicle, unlike normal products, our offering enables the follicle to absorb the vitamins, nutrients and essential amino acids to increase hair growth and reduce thinning hair and hair loss for men and women. By improving the life cycle of the hair (normally two to six years), considerably shorter for people with thinning hair. These ingredients are very important in maintaining the health and fullness of the hair while increasing hair growth and the look and feel of the hair.

The natural ingredients in our biotin hair loss shampoo will benefit any type of hair due to the lack of sulphates, parabens, and glutens making our product a color safe shampoo for men and women. Our shampoo is natural and contains all certified pure ingredients including biotin vitamin b complex. Biotin is one of the main ingredients in our shampoo for men and creates sensational rejuvenation. It is an important part of body chemistry, and important to the health of hair, skin, and nails. After three decades of research we have added these certified pure vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential ingredients for the prevention of hair loss and thinning hair to our biotin shampoo and conditioner. The product lathers well, adds volume, improves texture/consistency and intensifies hydration to the root. In doing so we have developed a specially formulated natural and healthy combination of products for a daily regimen for healthy hair. Our natural shampoo and conditioner add shine and makes your hair luscious, soft and manageable. After a few applications, you can notice a thick and fuller appearance since our product retains moisture in the hair shaft. Using our products on a daily basis we are convinced can help anyone have fuller and healthier hair without chemical side effects.