Biotin Conditioner with Keratin

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99.7% Natural, Sulphate, Paraben, and Gluten Free. Our best Biotin Conditioner for thinning hair and hair loss. Our natural conditioner for hair growth is a perfect combination of biotin b complex vitamins, keratin and nutrients.

Biotin Xtreme Hair Care Keratin & Biotin conditioner for men and women is a unique product for all hair types. The best Natural Biotin Conditioner is especially beneficial for people with fine, fragile, and thinning hair and hair loss issues. Being a color safe natural Biotin and Keratin Conditioner it is a lightweight product easily absorbed into the hair while still providing deep conditioning and a weightless finish. The conditioner utilizes two of the best known products available with unique conditioning properties for the hair. They improve breakage, elasticity and smooth the hair shaft while being easily rinsed out to produce a weightless finish for styling.

The benefits of Biotin and Keratin used together in our conditioner. Keratin is a protective protein made in the body. The structural building block of the hair and nails, along with biotin helps strengthen and create fullness of the hair. When used with the combination of Biotin it can help improve hair growth. Making the hair thicker and fuller leaving a lightweight, smoothing and glossy effect, which is the unique ability of our conditioner.



Ingredients in Natural Biotin Shampoo

Best Biotin Conditioner With Keratin

The 99.7% natural conditioner is color safe, sulphate and paraben free as well as gluten free making it an easy choice for clean hair growth and hair loss problems. With our natural biotin shampoo it will leave the hair chemical and impurity free to achieve your best possible results for fine thinning hair and hair loss. Helping the hair shaft improve its elasticity is a very beneficial aspect of improving thinning hair for women especially if it is longer hair. Smoothing the cortex of the hair is essential in treating dry frizzy hair and hair loss due to chemical treatments and scalp and follicle damage.


Biotin & keratin conditioner for thinning hair is a perfect combination of biotin b complex vitamins,keratin and nutrients for long or short hair and works well on all types of normal, fine, or thinning hair for men or women. For women's hair loss and processed hair we believe we have created one of the best conditioners for women due to the deep conditioning without the heavy weight and buildup that causes the hair to be dry causing breakage and frizz.. Our lightweight natural biotin conditioner is perfect for long hair and will play an important role in creating maximum hair growth and less breakage. Breakage is the enemy of long hair due to lack of nutrient in the hair and scalp. Our natural biotin conditioner will help form a barrier on the hair by conditioning from the inside and on the surface by adding much needed moisture without making the hair heavy and lifeless. By leaving the hair clean and soft to the touch our hair loss conditioner is the best conditioner for fine and thinning hair for men and women.

With our natural biotin & keratin conditioner being the second step in our BXT program leaving the hair free of buildup while nourishing the hair. Leaving the hair clean and in good condition makes it is much easier to get the best results from our third step the Natural Botin Restoration Spray. Leaving the hair chemical free with our natural conditioner makes a huge difference in the finished hair style. This method used per our directions will encourage hair growth and improve hair loss, thinning hair, and breakage while leaving the hair easier to style. 

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How to Use

After washing with our Biotin Shampoo rinse and apply a small amount of Keratin & Biotin conditioner to wet hair. Letting the conditioner set on the hair and scalp for one to two minutes. Rinse with cool water and continue to our third step with our leave in Biotin Hair Restoration Spray.

BXT's Natural Biotin conditioner is a Biotin and Keratin based premium hair conditioner that is very effective in repairing dry, damaged and brittle hair. The Biotin and Keratin key ingredients are two of the most essential ingredients in the bodies ability to produce healthy hair growth. Using our conditioner on a daily basis will help improve breakage, create fullness, and stimulate the follicle to create longer healthier hair.


  • Can I use conditioner if my hair is thinning?

  • Yes you can. Our best Keratin & Biotin conditioner is produced to use a small amount that will rinse out easily. Being a natural product with Biotin and Keratin it is very effective in repairing the breakage and fragile nature of fine and thin hair.
  • What kind of hair loss treatments work best?

  • Hair loss is more common than most people think. The American Hair Loss Association says that up to 70% of men and over 50% of women wil experience hair loss in their lifetime.Your two choices for treatment are medicinal products that contain hormones and other drugs sometimes causing damaging side effects, or you can avoid this by using natural ingredients proven effective in improving hair loss and thinning hair. Our certified pure USP grade ingredients were developed by the founders of Biotin Xtreme with over three decades of experience. Developing our product line, working with tens of thousands of clients have enabled us to make what we believe to be the most effective product line available for fine, fragile and thinning hair.

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