What is the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for African American Hair?

African American hair is unique in nature, structure, and texture. African American women wear it proudly and spend a lot of time and money nurturing their hair. After all, it’s not just hair. It is a culture that speaks volumes about their struggle to hold on to their roots. Thus, the African women residing in America are possessive about their hair and careful about maintaining it. They almost bond over their strong beautiful hair. That also means they try to find out the best shampoo and conditioner for African American hair

Effects of Relaxers and Chemicals on Black Hair

At some point in our lives, we all have used chemicals on our manes. Yes, through our shampoos. The use of relaxers was predominant among African-American women in their quest to have soft and straight hair. These can damage black hair immensely because they come in a range of curls. African American women can possess spirals, loops, zig zag, curves, and even coils as varied hair shapes. All these curls incur damage due to harsh chemicals. A unique feature of African American hair is they grow upwards and not downwards. Their shapes can even defy gravity.

Using a relaxer can change the shape of their black hair from tight curls to soft straight or wavy hair. However, it also applies chemicals to do it. Perming the black hair means straightening it using chemicals that break down the bonds in the hair shaft. There can be a lye-based relaxer and one without lye. However, the use of relaxers often is not recommended. Relaxers can cause permanent damage to the hair and scalp. More so if your hair is bleached and breaking. Keep rocking your curls and enjoy in their glory. 

Using Natural Products is Beneficial

So, now, if you are ready to take care of your bouncy curls, then there are some formulae available in the market that can make your hair grow long and strong. First, you do not need to shampoo too frequently as it may already be dry, and oil build-up is not present in your black curls. You have to shampoo occasionally, we recommend at least twice a week to clean the dirt from your hair and use natural products to lock in moisture. So, if you are asking, what kind of shampoo is best for African American hair? The answer is a shampoo that contains Biotin which smooth's the surface and hydrates the hair.

Shampoos and conditioners containing, biotin, keratin, honeysuckle, licorice, aloe vera, lavender, bacuri butter, acai palm oil, and jojoba oil can work wonders for tight black curls. Moreover, avocado and honey are natural ingredients that can add a lot of smoothness to dry hair. Castor oil and argan oil-containing shampoos are also great for black hair growth. Sulfate-free, and paraben free shampoos should be used at all times to clean your hair and add the extra bounce. Sometimes, to break the dust and grime particles, a mild sulfate-free shampoo can be useful. 

How can Biotin Help?

Biotin shampoo and conditioner for African American hair can be considered a boon. Like any other hair type, biotin or Vitamin B7 can help repair and grow black hair. Though it is significant to acknowledge that it cannot create miracles, but it can be an effective agent in growing long and healthy black hair. Biotin does help in making hair voluminous and appearing glamorous. Biotin shampoos containing natural ingredients like biotin can produce results in about three months. Conditioners containing biotin and keratin help produce soft and shiny hair as well.

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