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How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress

How to Prevent Hair Loss from Stress?

Stress-induced hair loss is an open and shut case. You have the cause, you have the effect, and you know the answer to the problem. As straightforward as it sounds, it’s not in the least bit easy. Millions of people of varying age groups suffer from stress-related hair loss everywhere in the world. The knowledge of what’s causing their hair fall does little to help manage the problem. That’s because stress is a common enemy of all and is in the control of very few. It’s hard to get on top of it when it sets in, and before one knows it, it becomes a chronic problem, something that is completely out of one’s control. Thus, they put up with the many downsides of it. The hair and skin are the first to take the hit. So how to prevent hair loss from stress?

Thankfully, there are some ways known to us that can alleviate the problem and reduce both the cause and the effect by a significant margin. But you must understand that you cannot fight stress related hair fall with a single remedy. The remedy is a combination of products and lifestyle changes. The results don’t always come on overnight so you need to persevere to cope with the problem. Best Shampoo For Hair Loss Due To Stress

Therefore, first things first, consult with an expert to find out what’s causing the hair fall. If your doctor states high-stress levels to be the reason, then continue reading. You may find some helpful information and effective solutions ahead.

Now let’s find out the most effective ways to cope with hair fall that is triggered by high stress levels and how to regain hair loss from stress.

Learn and Practice Relaxation

The first thing to do to counter stress-induced hair loss is to bring the stress levels down. You may find it harder than you imagine. Stress is a silent killer. For most, it works quietly, slowly turning down the faculties of the body. It’s vital to recognize the source before you can take out or even reduce stress in your day to day life. Relaxation techniques like yoga and pranayama can benefit greatly in lowering stress and keeping it in control. It takes months of practicing these techniques before you see any results. So, buckle up for you are in for the long haul.

Switch to a Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

The next thing you can do to reduce the hair fall visibly is chuck out all chemical hair products from your bathroom cupboard. Replace those with fully natural, biotin-rich products. Even if a wholesale replacement is not feasible right away, at least make sure to change to a biotin shampoo and biotin conditioner for starters. Biotin formulas are the best shampoo for stress related hair loss. Enriched with biotin, these shampoos and conditioners check hair fall right away by giving the hair follicles a fresh boost of health. Hair grows stronger and healthier after just a few washes.

Use Hair Fall Prevention Products

Apart from a biotin shampoo and conditioner, one other thing to add to your set of daily use products is biotin restoration spray, a biotin based DHT blocker hair spray. Easy to use and non-sticky, this product neutralizes the DHT hormone that is responsible for the thinning of hair.

Get Regular Exercise

Using shampoo to prevent hair loss can be very effective especially if you couple it with physical exercise. Even if you are not a very active person, be sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, in whatever form you prefer.

Last but not the least, treat your hair with some love and care.

BXT presents a line of biotin formulated hair products that prevents and corrects hair loss and makes hair shiny, lustrous and voluminous.
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