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Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Hair Loss

Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Hair Loss

Your hair is your crown. Without it, one’s very personality falls apart. That and a medley of other reasons make hair loss a big problem in our lives. We all wish for a thick lustrous mane but it goes to the share of very few. Although we are all born with decent hair, hair fall makes it hard to maintain the volume we originally have. Due to an array of environmental and biological reasons, we all end up having fewer hairs in our thirties than we started out with. So what causes our hair to fall out, despite our best efforts? The answer lies in the follicle stimulating hormones.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Studies have linked follicle stimulating hormone and hair loss for many years. But before going into the correlation between the two, let’s first talk about follicle stimulating hormone. One of our body’s natural gonadotropic hormones, this one is produced by our pituitary gland which squirts it into the bloodstream. This hormone is responsible for pubertal development in both males and females in adolescence. One of the key territories of function of follicle stimulating hormone is the reproductive system. In women, it regulates the functions of the ovaries and in men, it stimulates the production of sperm.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Hair

So now let’s talk about how this hormone is connected to hair loss. When women are in their best reproductive age which is anytime between 16 and 30, they have thicker hair, smoother skin and symmetrical features. Beyond that age, these start to decline, however minimally. The changes are so infinitesimally small that one may not even take notice until the effects cumulatively show through. That in parts has to do with the follicle stimulating hormone.

Although this hormone does not necessarily reduce in production beyond the said age bracket, it starts to fluctuate. That has echoes on skin and hair at a superficial level and on one’s fertility at a deeper level. So when your body produces more or less of this hormone, you will notice changes in the volume and thickness of hair. As the production slackens, the hair appears thinner and lesser in volume. Further dysfunctions can lead to significant thinning, even balding of hair. Contrary to that, when the levels are normal, your hair appears fuller.

Hair Follicle Stimulators as Remedies

If you are going through a period of intense hair loss, you need to get started with restoring your lovely tresses. How do you do that? By introducing hair follicle stimulators in your day to day routine. Start by spending on a good hair follicle stimulator. Those containing biotin are the best for bad cases of hair loss. Formulated with biotin, these products stimulate the hair roots promoting hair growth in inactive ones and thicker hair in the active ones. This helps a lot in restoring the former volume and thickness. Most hair follicle stimulating products come in the form of sprays. Applying them once or twice a day especially before bedtime helps revitalize the scalp and promote and accelerate hair regrowth.

Another set of products that you might use to stop excessive hair loss and trigger hair regrowth is a natural shampoo and conditioner. Once again, those formulated with biotin make the best choices for hair loss and thinning hair. Biotin shampoos are gentle cleansers. Washing the hair daily to three times a week with these shampoos keep the scalp oil-free and hair clean and nice smelling. Biotin conditioners supply the scalp and strands with biotin, an essential nutrient that contributes to growth of stronger and thicker hair.

Aside from a natural biotin shampoo, another thing you can use to help with the hair loss is a DHT blocker spray. A very effective hair stimulator, this spray keeps the hair roots supplied with a good dose of biotin. That promotes faster and better hair regrowth. It also stimulates the hair follicles that are inactive and are currently not bearing strands. With the trifecta of these three products, hair loss can be stopped and new hair growth can be promoted naturally. Keep in mind it takes a life=time to have hair loss issues and it takes a commitment over many weeks to reverse serious hair loss conditions, but results achieved through natural products remain for life.

About BTX

Biotin Xtreme Hair Care has made a name for itself in the premium hair loss and  hair care products business for many years now, BXT is dedicated to formulating new and advanced haircare products that are both natural and enriched with biotin. All its products starting from shampoo to spray are known to have very high effectivity in users. Affordable and widely available BXT products are one of the most suitable choices for people going through excessive hair fall. Its products are sulfate, paraben and chemical free as well as color safe and have no side effects. As well as  fully safe to use for both men and women of all age groups. You can order BXT products online and always with free shipping.

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