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Can You Use Conditioner as Shaving Cream?

Can You Use Conditioner as Shaving Cream?

Imagine a scenario where you walk into the bathroom on a Monday morning to take care of the thistles of facial hair that grew out over the weekend before heading out to work to find that you are out of shaving cream. That’s every office goer’s nightmare. That and a broke-down car. What Does Keratin Conditioner Do For Hair?

The alarming part is that this nightmare is often realized. Blame the busy work schedule or the ton of other important thoughts buzzing nonstop in your mind, but almost every working individual finds themselves looking at an empty tube or can of shaving foam on a workday morning at least once in their lifetime. You can preemptively stock up, but there is no guarantee that one day when the last one runs out, you will remember to refresh the stock just in time to have a new tube ready by the sink when you need it.

Substituting Your Shaving Cream with a Bathroom Cupboard Staple

So, what does one do in a situation where the shaving cream has gone out and there are no new ones at hand? Well, you make a substitute. With what you might ask. Why, with your hair conditioner? Can you use a conditioner as shaving cream without harming your skin? A hair conditioner has many uses as you’d know. Aside from keeping your hair frizz-free, conditioners are also used to unshrink clothing, remove makeup, shine stainless steel appliances and whatnot. Here is another thing that just got added to the never-ending list of uses of a hair conditioner. A conditioner can very well double as a shaving cream for the days you don’t have one at hand.

How Does It Work?

Your hair conditioner is maybe the next best thing to a shaving cream you will find in your cupboard where facial hair is concerned. You may argue that the two have very different uses. While that is true, it is also not in some ways. Both shaving creams and conditioners have a common use, hydrating and softening hair. Hair conditioners have properties that benefit the skin while hydrating hair making it soft and smooth. That’s the property that makes it an incredible substitute for shaving cream. Slather some of our Biotin Xtreme’s, biotin and keratin conditioner on your stubbles, and wait for half a minute. Let the conditioner do its work. Now bring down the razor and shave away the remnants of your beard from the night before. You will have nothing short of a clean shave. the benefit of not having any harmful chemicals to penetrate your skin is also a big advantage to using our conditioner.

The Extra Benefit of Using Conditioner as Shaving Cream

Although substituting shaving cream with a hair conditioner is purely a home hack, it is not without its merits. Conditioners being formulated to keep hair frizz-free and manageable make the beard extra soft, therefore making it easier to glide the razor over the tricky contours of your face. What’s more, it leaves the skin of your face feeling softer than your regular shaving cream. That’s not imagined, but a fact. See it for yourself and you will know. Conditioners hydrate the skin leaving it slick and soft, much like a penetrating hydrating or moisturizing cream.

BXT is a premium hair care brand selling natural biotin-based hair care products that are focused on preventing and correcting hair loss and restoring new hair growth. The company has a line of biotin formulated shampoos and conditioners that has a very high efficacy in treating premature hair fall and restoring natural hair volume. All its products are completely natural, and therefore drug-free. They have no side effects. BXT sells its products online and through select stores.
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