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What Does Keratin Conditioner Do For Hair

What Does Keratin Conditioner Do For Hair?

We all have bad hair days. 

But having them frequently is a sign that you need a hair conditioner as soon as possible. Having rough hair, especially, is a real challenge and conditioners help soften them. 

Now, there are kind of conditioners that soften hair with multiple proteins and what not of them are grounded in natural ingredients and are nature-based solutions. 

Keratin is one of those - a natural protein. 

What is Keratin? 

Keratin is one of the proteins that form your hair, skin, and even your nails. 

It is a protective protein and is not likely to scratch or tear unlike other cells in your body.  Keratin is extracted from feathers, horns, and wool of different animals and one of the major uses of this protein is being an important ingredient in hair products. 

Since your hair's structural building block is Keratin, it can provide the necessary strength and freshness to the hair which is why it is used in many different forms. Some prefer to take Kersting supplements, some use Keratin products, and yet some go for Keratin treatments. It adds health to your hair. 

What does Keratin do for your hair? 

People are always asking if Keratin conditioner is good for your hair and the answer is pretty simple - yes, it does. 

It is the protein that your hair is made of! Taking a Keratin treatment doesn't add some ingredients to your body and neither does it help in added protein, it just improves the content of it to help your hair become healthier. 

That's why when you use a Keratin conditioner, you feel how easy and lively your hair becomes. It got the necessary protein that it was in need of. 

Benefits of Keratin Conditioners 

People who use keratin for hair - whether it's orally, as an oil/conditioner, they find their hair to be smoother and very easy to manage. 

However, the scale of these benefits depends on a lot of factors including the original thickness of your hair and the kind of Keratin treatment that you opt for. 

The layers of cells in the hair absorb the Keratin to make your hair fuller and glossy by smoothing down the layers of cells that form the hair. 

Another benefit of Keratin, for curly hair, is that it can make them less frizzy, easier to style, and shine and thickness. 

Why Keratin Conditioners are better than treatments? 

There are a lot of reasons for preferring a Keratin conditioner over a Keratin treatment at a salon. In the salon, a keratin treatment is not just Keratin, they use all kinds of other products with it making it more harmful than useful. 

And you need to be very careful when you take a Keratin treatment, staying away from water, for a good couple of days. 

Moreover, the difference in cost is quite significant and you'd save money while also saving your hair from further damage. 

Repeating the treatments often can lead to serious setbacks and your hair might end up becoming worse than what it was before treatment. 

That's why, make sure that you use products at home rather than going for those treatments and even with the hair products, be gentle. Don't go on a spree using the conditioner a couple of times in the day, but daily use is beneficial. 

Making the right choice for your keratin conditioner requires you to understand your hair type and the way you want to style your hair. Get that right and you'll have a healthier, smoother hair.
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