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What Causes Hair Loss in A 50 Year Old Woman

What Causes Hair Loss in A 50 Year Old Woman?

Hair loss in a 50-year-old woman is much more common than you may think. In most cases, the signs of hair loss in men get more talked about in articles and media, but the truth is that hair loss is common in women who are 50 years old and younger. There can be several factors that cause hair loss in women. It can be complicated by giving birth, menopause, stress and diet to name a few.

No matter the underlying reasons for hair loss, it can cause tremendous psychological stress for a woman to find her hair thinning with growing age. Hence, you must follow the tips recommended below, as they can help you to deal with your hair loss issues and improve the appearance of your hair.

How can I stop my hair from thinning at 50?

When you consult a doctor about your hair loss issues, your doctor will recommend some of the most effective ways to stop hair loss at 50. It will depend on the underlying causes responsible for hair loss. 

When hair loss is due to menopause, your doctor will not recommend hormonal therapy as it is a natural process of the human body. However, your doctor may recommend some supplements and medications to help your body deal with the changes that it is going through. It will help you combat the thinning of your hair to a certain extent.

Apart from recommending multivitamins and asking you to use biotin and keratin based products, your doctor may also ask you to do some easy exercises, stick to a healthy diet and drink plenty of water, as that can make a world of difference for your hair.

If you are looking for ways to reduce hair loss issues, you must style your hair so that it does not put undue pressure on the hair and lead to more hair fall.

Will hair loss from menopause grow back?

The good news is that it is possible to reverse the hair fall you experience due to menopause at 50. The first thing you need to do is look at your daily hair care routine. Are you using harsh shampoo and styling products? You should start improving your hair by using natural biotin and keratin based products on a daily basis. And you need to eat right and make sure that you get some medical help for the hormonal changes that you have been going through. Include foods like blueberries, grapes, soy products, nuts, flaxseed, and dried fruits in your diet, as they can enhance estrogen production naturally in your body.

Additionally, make sure you have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, whole grains, iron-rich foods such as red meat, eggs, fish, and leafy green vegetables, and some great sources of fiber. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods, as they can trigger symptoms relating to menopause. You also need to drink lots of water as this can help you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

You can come up with some creative ways in which you can beat stress. Getting some regular exercises regularly like gym workouts, yoga, Pilates, and meditation will help you eliminate stress levels and stay happier and more relaxed. It will have a positive effect on your whole body’s health and ensure that you have good-looking hair. Exercise can not only minimize the chances of heart problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol but also get rid of sleep disturbances, bloating, and mood swings that impact your hair quality. You may want to include some health supplements in your diet to obtain the essential nutrients you need to have healthy hair.

What could be the reason for the sudden hair fall at 50? 

One of the main reasons’ women at 50 experience sudden hair loss is that their bodies go through hormonal changes when they reach that age. The levels of estrogen and progesterone go down. It naturally increases the impact of male hormones called androgens. Eventually, the hair follicles tend to shrink, thus leading to hair thinning. 

What Hair Products to Use in 50?

Natural products containing biotin, keratin and saw palmetto are excellent choices like the Biotin Xtreme products found below. Make sure that your hair has sufficient moisture by using collagen-based products. Biotin shampoos can be an ideal choice. There have been clinical trials that support Biotin supplementation. Hence, it has potential benefits in improving hair health. Moreover, always use a biotin and keratin conditioner, as this can help in enhancing the look and feel of your hair after you have washed them. If you are confused about which products might be best for your hair, check out the natural plant based shampoo, conditioner, and hair restoration spray at

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