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Is keratin straightening bad for your hair?

Is keratin straightening bad for your hair?

Dry, frizzy, and unkempt-looking hair always calls for extra care and conditioning – keratin is one of the top treatment choices. But when applying something to your hair and having a sensitive scalp, it is always better to get a deeper understanding of the tropical application. So, the query pops in your head, is keratin straightening bad for your hair? Well, to divulge the answer to this question, you must know everything about keratin and its different uses.

The popular understanding about keratin is that it is a protein that boosts the hair texture by preventing breakage and tames frizz. However, several myths and facts require deeper interpretation and clarification. Let’s get started!

Keratin and its treatment

Keratin is a basic protein present in hair, skin, and nails. Sometimes your body does not produce sufficient keratin, you can supplement it using an external protein available in shampoos, conditioners, serums, and oil. When your hair becomes dull, nails lose natural shine, and look frail, you can undergo keratin treatment. Does keratin straighten damage hair

Keratin does not do the magic alone, as many other solutions supports straightening the hair. The tropical treatment of formaldehyde derivative or glyoxylic acid works wonders on the hairs to repair the breakage and reseal them to a straighter position. The entire process is complete after blow drying and flat ironing the hair. You can feel the results last three to six months. 

Side effects of Keratin straightening treatment 

First you must understand that keratin conditioners and shampoos are not harmful in any way to your hair or body, in fact the opposite is true. Keratin straightening processes are totally different. If you are wondering about what the disadvantages of keratin hair treatment are, it will be better to discuss it with your hair expert and salon manager before getting right into the procedure. Remember that the keratin treatment is not just a sole product application but a combination of products. So, consider the side effects of everything. 

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that is an integral part of this treatment. Unfortunately, this chemical may cause cancer and foster cancer-growing cells. The FDA warns that this chemical and the related compounds have various harmful effects on your body:

  • Eye irritation 
  • Headache
  • Dizziness or blackout
  • Sore throat and cough
  • Wheezing and breathlessness
  • Nausea and sickness
  • Chest pain (mild to moderate)
  • Rashes

These are some side effects widely common in people having chemical straightening keratin treatment and even by the stylist who offers it.

The other names of this dangerous chemical are – Formol, Formalin, Methanal, Methyl aldehyde, and Methylene glycol. So, look for these terms in the ingredients list of keratin products.

You can experience an increase in hair fall after the keratin treatment. This is one of the common complaints that appear immediately after the first treatment. The cause of hair fall is still not clear. However, it may happen due to the hot ironing or unprofessional handling of the styling products.

Hair damage and thinning are some of the common complaints of keratin treatment. The styling procedures like flat ironing and blow drying are the main reason for texture damage. 

You can experience temporary effects during the procedure like; sneezing, runny nose, redness of eyes, burning of eyes, nosebleeds, dermatitis, and scalp inflammation.

Keratin Vs. Biotin – which is better?

Over the last few years, biotin is taking the hair care market by storm. This is making it confusing for many users whether opting for a keratin treatment or biotin products. If you are looking for a specific product that gives the benefits without any side effects, look for biotin shampoo and keratin biotin conditioner

Keratin and Biotin, both boost hair growth and improve its texture. Keratin is the protein that targets the hair follicles and makes them stronger. Biotin also helps repair the hair follicle and both products work together to improve the health of the follicle to improve hair growth. What Is The Difference Between Keratin And Biotin Shampoo?

On the contrary, Biotin is the vitamin that arrests hair fall and thinning by stimulating growth. Since both are not contradicting each other, you can always opt for a combination of these two in one product. 

You can take biotin orally and use the keratin shampoos or serums or opt for the biotin + keratin range of hair care to give complete tropical nourishment to your lifeless frizzy hair.

The wrap

You can always opt for the temporary use of flat iron on your hair to tame the frizz and look classier with straight hair. However, keratin treatments can solve this problem for 3-6 months, and you do not have to worry about another ironing session. Always remember that no chemical treatment is free from side effects. So, make the decision wisely.

You can always try any natural deep moisturizer on your hair like coconut oil, olive oil, or plant-based serums that improves the hair texture. Speak to your salon professional to suggest alternatives to the harmful carcinogenic products and switch to natural hair care range. 

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