What Is the Difference between Keratin and Biotin Shampoo?

There used to be a time two or decades back when a single bottle of shampoo and a smaller one of conditioner used to be purchased for the household. Everyone in the family used to use them, irrespective of gender, age, hair condition or any other criteria. This one-size-fits-all thinking has changed gradually over the years. With greater research being done on hair problems and hair care, better and more effective products are being introduced by well-known hair care companies every year. While this is a very good development, it has also meant the introduction of several new terms. It is common to see two terms with opposite or at least widely divergent meanings being used interchangeably, which is wrong. For example, when it comes to hair care, many people assume wrongly that two very commonly used words – biotin and keratin – refer to the same thing. They fail to understand (or find out) what is the difference between biotin and keratin and wrongly assume, therefore, that even a biotin shampoo and a keratin shampoo are the same. 

Keratin and Biotin

Before we understand the difference between these two substances, let us first look at the two substances themselves. At a very basic level both keratin and biotin are proteins. But the difference is that keratin is a protein that is found exclusively in human hair, and nowhere else. On the other hand, biotin can be found in hair for sure, but also in skin and nails. Keratin is a type of protein, whereas biotin is a part of the B-Vitamin family. This basic understanding of the difference between these two substances will help us better understand what is the difference between keratin and biotin shampoo. But before we move there, a few more differences can be discussed. While both are essential components of our body, yet only keratin is soluble in water. Keratin is a protective protein for the body, while biotin actively participates in the metabolic activities of the body. 

Where can I get biotin and keratin shampoo?

Keratin is a protein which is produced in the body by other proteins. Therefore a healthy intake of red meat, blueberries, almonds, oysters, milk, eggs, and even beer can promote the production of keratin. In order to get your required dosage of biotin, which is a B-vitamin, you should eat more of eggs, almonds, cauliflowers, cheese, mushrooms, sweet potato and spinach. If your lifestyle and food habits do not permit you to have all these in your diet on a regular basis, then you should check out a reputed and dependable hair care company and use their products to get your required dosage of keratin and biotin.

Keratin vs. Biotin Shampoo

The difference between keratin and a shampoo containing biotin supplements becomes clear when we see the difference in the effect of these two substances on hair. Keratin, being a protein, gets into the hair follicle and makes it firmer. As a result, keratin would help in making frizzy hair smoother, and also improve the shine and lustre of dull hair. On the other hand, biotin is a type of vitamin. That is why a biotin shampoo would help arrest hair thinning and hair fall, and even stimulate hair growth. As you can see from this simple distinction of biotin vs keratin shampoo, the two products have entirely different uses, and just can’t be used interchangeably. 


There is no doubt that both keratin and biotin are good for hair in their own ways. As an aware consumer, you must understand the differences of the two, and apply them accordingly, either by working on your diet, or by purchasing from reputed manufacturers like Biotin Xtreme Hair Care.