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Biotin Spray for Hair Growth

Biotin Spray for Hair Growth

However, keeping your full head of hair is harder than it appears. The main causes of hair loss deals primarily with genetics, hormone levels, stress levels and hair care practices. It is important to focus on what you can control to nourish your hair. Buy our certified pure Biotin spray for hair growth online.

If your hair is not currently at 100 percent strength, there are steps you can take to regrow and regain hair fullness.

 biotin hair spray

Rejuvenating Biotin Spray for Hair Growth

By using our specially formulated biotin hair restoration spray or dht blocker spray you can begin the process of restoring your hair for maximum fullness and strength.

Our certified pure Biotin hair spray and supplement is ideal for hair regrowth. Biotin is a B7 Vitamin that is responsible for keeping your nails, skin and hair healthy.


Biotin produces the essential vitamin keratin, which regulates the sebaceous glands. Basically, biotin begins the process of increasing and maintaining hair function. These biotin hair spray and supplements prove useful by supporting, enabling and maintaining the protein infrastructure of your hair.

The biotin hair spray for hair growth is a scalp and follicle stimulator that uses a DHT inhibitor, which improves blood flow to the follicle by opening up the scalp. Our biotin spray product removes DHT which aids in the life cycle of the hair to improve thickening, stop thinning and promote natural hair growth. 

Our biotin spray improves the overall condition of the scalp and creating an environment for healthy hair growth will reduce breakage, expand elasticity of the hair cortex and create fuller hair by stimulating the follicle.

What is biotin spray good for?

Biotin Hair Restoration Spray is a natural biotin based spray including saw palmetto, proven and effective plant based follicle stimulators and DHT inhibitors. Studies show both of these ingredients can be very effective in improving hair loss and increasing density in men and women experiencing hair loss and thinning hair.

Hair growth, thinning hair, and breakage can be improved using the biotin hair restoration spray on a daily basis while leaving no residual on the hair for fuller and thicker hair.

Does biotin spray help improve hair growth?

What does biotin do for the hair and does it improve hair growth? First we must understand what biotin is. It is a water soluble vitamin that is found in the body that is an absolutely essential ingredient of healthy hair. It works with the protein Keratin also found in the body to improve the condition of the hair, skin and nails. Without these two ingredients all of these components of a healthy body will suffer.

Biotin used as a topical hair restoration spray can be very beneficial in stimulating blood flow to the scalp and improving hair growth. Creating a healthy follicle is the first step in stopping hair loss and helping fine and thinning hair become fuller and thicker.

Being a water soluble vitamin B7 means the intake and topical use of biotin is safe and effective for men and women and will help make a noticeable difference in the density of the hair.

Is Hairspray bad for thinning hair?

As most people know who experience thinning hair and hair loss, they sometimes need products including hair spray to enhance fullness and thickening of their hair style. The question is twofold. First is the hair spray, a resin based product that stiffens the hair and helps hold the style. These products can help the hair style but the dried hair spray can and will lead to breakage and drying out of the hair causing damage to the hair, and due to the breakage makes the hair thinner and frizzy.

Other sprays like biotin hair restoration spray, that are plant based and natural, that include follicle stimulators and DHT inhibitors do not have these glues and resins, are not only helpful not only in improving the follicle and stopping hair loss but also leave the hair fuller and easier to style without heavy residuals.

Best Practices for Hair Growth

Hair loss can be caused from over bleaching, thermal straightening, perming or wearing extensions.

The condition, dryness and texture of your hair are reflective of how body maintenance affects the quality of hair growth.

Caring for your body is the same as caring for your hair. That is why we recommend eating foods of nutritional value while using our biotin hair spray.

Hair cycle rates vary from person to person. The best way to extend the duration of your hair strength is to use our Biotin hair spray. Our invigorating biotin hair growth spray formula accelerates natural hair growth and leads to resilient roots. Our biotin spray product does not use any invasive or harmful chemical substances that may lead to adverse effects.

The Biotin Hair restoration spray strengthens the surface of your strands. Its natural phenols stimulates blood flow to energize the follicles. It does not weigh down your hair and adds smooth movement to your natural texture. The scalp activating ingredients increase energy levels, which promote healthy hair and natural regeneration.

How to use BXT hair growth spray

Biotin Xtreme Hair Restoration Spray is used to improve fine and thinning hair and hair loss. Effective for improving hair growth this daily spray should be applied to the top of the scalp from the crown to the front hairline. Since most hair loss occurs on the crown and top of the scalp the spray should be applied by holding the sprayer within an inch of the scalp while separating the hair with the fingers and spraying six to eight pumps directly on the scalp to effect the follicle by then rubbing the product into the scalp.

Used correctly once or twice a day (am and pm) the follicle will be improved and the hair follicle stimulated improving hair growth, The quick drying light spray will leave no greasy or noticeable residual on the hair and will not negatively effect your hair style.

Our Brand - Biotin Hair Restoration Spray

At Biotin Xtreme Hair Care, we strive to offer the best biotin spray for hair growth on the market. By producing our natural biotin shampoo, natural biotin weightless conditioner and our biotin hair restoration spray for men's and women's thinning hair and hair loss, we have developed a hormone free, color safe, sulphate, and paraben free product line to achieve thicker and fuller hair.

Buy Biotin Hair Spray online at Biotin Xtreme Hair Care.


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