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Does hair coloring cause hair loss

Does hair coloring cause hair loss?

A beautiful hair color can make you the center of attention at the holiday party. However, in this fast-paced world, it becomes complicated to maintain your long hair color. Pollution, stress, and heredity issues take a toll on hair health, and that can lead to early hair loss . Shedding hair is normal and natural as it is part of the body's natural renewal process. Similarly, hair grows naturally when hair follicles go through the cycles of resting and growth on a daily basis. Hair shedding occurs during the resting phase of the cycle and is part of the renewal process that leads to new hair growth. However, when excessive shedding overtakes the hair growth rate, it results in a condition called hair loss or hair thinning. 

Hair loss can happen for various reasons, heredity, lack of proper nutrition, poorly kept hair, some medical conditions like thyroid and other hormonal changes, stress, and even some drugs for chemotherapy. In addition, hair coloring or dyeing can cause hair loss. Although there is some debate about the direct link between hair dye and hair loss, it is undeniable that colors can damage hair and even trigger hair loss. 

Here are some ways to prevent hair loss after coloring your hair. 

Ensure hair nourishment

Keeping your hair well-nourished can minimize hair damage after coloring the hair. Prepare early to protect your hair when you dye it. At least a month ahead of the dyeing session, start taking special care of your hair by ensuring that your hair gets sufficient nourishment to stay healthy. Keep your hair properly hydrated by using good quality hair care products from  Biotin Xtreme Hair Care that keeps hair healthy and strong from its roots. Thus, you can keep hair issues away. Available for both men and women, Biotin Xtreme brings you all-natural hair care products that are free from any kind of harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and hormones. Hence, you can prevent hair fall and regenerate hair growth.

Why Biotin Xtreme Hair Care?

Biotin Xtreme Hair Care brings you a complete solution to any kind of hair problem. Available in the form of a biotin spray, shampoo, and conditioner, Biotin Xtreme hair care products are USP certified ingredients for their efficiency and authenticity. Strong hair can better resist the damaging effects of hair dye and prevent hair loss. 

The quality of hair dye and developer matters most

Use a high-quality hair dye and developer that are more hair-friendly and cause the minimum damage to your hair. Seek professional guidance from dermatologists and trained hair stylists to choose the least harmful hair dye. We recommend redken shades for a good quality hair color line. Poor-quality hair dyes contain ingredients that can adversely affect your skin and cause hair loss. Ensure that the hair dye you use does not contain PPD or paraphenylenediamine, which causes adverse hair coloring reactions. Any ingredient that can cause contact dermatitis is harmful to hair. 

Trim your hair regularly

 The best hair dye can only lessen hair damage as it is impossible to prevent hair damage when you color or bleach it. Since hair coloring is part of the beauty routine for most men and women, trying to minimize hair loss is the best action they can take. To maintain the healthy looks of your hair, despite coloring, you should trim your hair regularly. It can reduce the severity of the damage, whatever little, due to hair coloring.

Use good color-protecting products

 After coloring your hair, protect the color of your hair in the same way you would protect your hair. Protecting the color would indirectly do a lot of good for your hair. The color-protecting products form a protective coating over the hair shafts. For cooler shades, buy sulfate-free shampoos, as this helps retain the natural oils of the hair and protect it from damage.

Fewer washes

 Do not wash your hair soon after coloring. Instead, wait 2-3 days to allow the color to settle, and before washing your hair, apply adequate hair oil to nourish the hair. After the initial wash, increase the interval between washes and use cold water to wash your hair to prevent frizzy hair and moisture loss. 

Strictly avoid heat

Heat is a great hair destructor, and you must resist the temptation for excessive curlcing or straightening your hair with heat treatment. Use as little heat from dryers as well. Post-coloring, use Biotin hair products to protect your hair from further damage. It is essential to provide the right nutrients to the scalp. Here Biotin works wonderfully well. It is safe to use, natural and effective and works on colored manes. Both men and women can use our complete line of hair care products to keep their hair healthy. Apart from Biotin, you can even apply coconut oil, castor oil, and other oils rich in vitamins and minerals to strengthen the hair follicles.

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