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How to take care of gray hair naturally

How to take care of gray hair naturally?

Premature graying or getting a salt and pepper look in your later 50s – taking proper care of gray hair is significant. With the lifestyle changing dynamically and work stress increasing, the rapid change in hair quality and the color is inevitable. 

You can spot your first gray strand in your early 20s. In reality, any such instance can baffle you, or it may be that you cannot have any discolored hair until your early 50s. What you need to understand is that gray hair care is different from healthy natural color hair. 

It is a blend of healthy eating and the right choice of hair care products that can unveil the answer to the one ticking question. How to take care of gray hair naturally? Here is the guide to complete gray hair, its natural care, treatment, and products.

What are gray hairs?

Gray hairs are the lighter shade of your natural color, closer to white. It appends when the follicles of hair fail to produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that contributes to the natural shade of your hair. The absence of melanin results in white, silver, or gray hair. 

Several factors contribute to graying of hair; aging, deficiencies, stress, and genetics are a few to mention.

Why is gray hair different from natural hair?

How to take care of gray hair naturally?

It is not just the shade of the color that makes the silver hair look different. There are more differences worth taking care of. The gray hair looks lifeless and losses its texture and shine as the oil glands do not produce sufficient sebum. 

You may notice that the white hairs are coarse, dry, rough, and turn frizzy. You must maintain a good hair care routine of vitamin rich shampoos and conditioners to maximize your natural gray hair care.  

What is the hair care for gray hair? 

You must accept and understand that gray hair once appears does not reverse back to your natural hair shade. Only coloring or tinting the hair can change the appearing gray or silver shade. But, the original tone never returns. 

Love your beautiful silver strands, and start with the natural process of taking care. Clueless! Here is the help.

  • Deep moisturizing: The gray hairs are drier and coarse. You must invest more care by using the right gray hair care products. Avoid using too much cleanser and shampoos with sulfates and parabens as the hair becomes even more coarse and brittle. Since the roots lose the ability to produce a natural oil that is also called sebum. In such a situation, you should use additional products like moisturizers, deep conditioners, and serums to build natural shine. Replenish the shine and softness by using natural hair care products.
  • Apple cider vinegar washes: When you want to avoid a thorough washing regime due to a time crunch or any other reason, a great rinse can ideally do magic. Use one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one liter of water and mix this solution. Now, you can rinse your hair with this water to get soft, smooth, and shiny hair. Alternatively, you can mix one spoon of this vinegar into a dollop of gray hair care shampoo to get silky silver hair.
  • Blend the grays: Switch to natural herbal-based hair color options over chemical colors to cover your silvers and whites. Many gray hair care shampoos can support the coloring you get to cover them up. You can find the right tone and shade of natural hair color to create a natural blend. These hair colors are exclusive to gray and white hairs that help in tinting or highlighting the natural tone.
  • Include supplements: Ensure you take a well-nutrient diet rich in protein, vitamin b12, vitamin E, and minerals. Remember that topical treatment only turns 100% successful if you support it with internal nourishment. Increase your meals rich in fish oil, biotin, zinc, and collagen. These not only help hair growth but also nourishes the gray hair. A good intake of water and healthy liquid is another great change you can bring to your lifestyle. A hydrated body keeps the entire system healthy. It even supports the healthy growth of hair.
  • Take styling care: A great styling regime can prove beneficial in the long run. It can do a lot to improve your hair quality and appearance to a great extent. Brush your hair regularly as it increases the blood circulation of the scalp and leads to the release of healthy oil that nourishes the hair. Use gray hair care conditioner and gray hair care spray as they have the target formulation to improve the damaged silver hairs. Use serums and protein base masks to cover your hair and prefer warm water showers over hot water showers. Avoid using styling products like extreme heat rods and ironing. 

What is the final take on gray hair?

Acceptance of silvery white hair is the best way to start a love for oneself. It is okay to have gray hair. However, if you feel you lead a healthy life and don’t have any reasons for premature graying, then a medical check should help. Sometimes, an underlying health condition can also lead to premature graying of hair, or you may experience hair fall after the discoloration. Hence, check with your hair experts before coming to any conclusion. 

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