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How to stop hormonal hair loss naturally

How to stop hormonal hair loss naturally?

Hair loss can make you feel low and break all your self-confidence. There are several reasons for hair loss, stress, poor hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle, medication, and hormonal disbalance. Stopping hormonal hair loss is difficult but possible. With the appropriate steps and measures, you can reverse your untimely baldness. However, if you are worried about the harsh chemicals and drugs with side effects, try the natural plant based hair loss products from Biotin Xtreme.

Here is the guide on how to stop hormonal hair loss naturally

Let’s start the guide by understanding the reason for hormonal hair loss and then proceed to the remedies. Hormonal issues may appear in both males and females. However, females experience hair fall at various stages of life, unlike males. Digging deeper you can list the possibilities of what hormonal imbalance causes hair loss:

  • Thyroid imbalance 
  • An elevated level of testosterone
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Insulin resistance
  • Extra estrogen
  • High cortisol
  • Post childbirth
  • Menapuse

Whenever you experience severe hair fall, it is better to get a clinical test from a physician before concluding it is a hormonal issue. Ask yourself some simple yet noteworthy questions, and then discuss them with your hair expert. 

  • When did you notice the hair fall?
  • Was it a sudden onset or gradual increase of hair loss?
  • Which area of your scalp/head do you observe significant hair fall?
  • Are you experiencing any patterns like small areas of thinning or more throughout the scalp?
  • What is your normal hair care regimen?
  • Are you suffering from any ailments or on any medications?

Once you have answers to all the questions, you may have to get a laboratory test of your scalp and blood to understand the root cause of hair loss. Only after proper evaluation, you can start hormonal hair loss treatment and supplement for the nutritional deficiencies.

Now, let’s unfold the solution possibilities of how to stop hormonal hair loss.

  • Start with a healthy diet. It means including all the nutrients in your everyday meals. It is crucial to consume a diet rich in protein, zinc, biotin, and vitamins (A, C, B, and E) for healthy hair. You can either plan your menu accordingly or discuss with your doctor to supplement it with tablets and capsules. 
  • Supplements are a great support to combat hair fall. Protein powder from the bone broth is a rich source of collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, chondroitin, and minerals. You can try Saw Palmetto, a plant-based natural DHT blocker to increase hair growth and scalp benefits. Pygeum is also a natural treatment option for hair loss. You can try pumpkin seed oil to decrease the formation of DHT in the body and enhance the fatty acids to support better hair quality. Some other health supplements are fish oil, aloe vera juice, and Rhodiola, which give several benefits to support hair growth.
  • Combat the lifestyle disorders like stress, insulin inconsistency, and inflammations. After clinical trials and discussion with the hair experts, you will find if any underlying health conditions are causing hair fall. Start working towards conquering these issues and work on your daily stress level. You either take target medications or combine them with alternative therapies.
  • Another common factor ignored is the styling methods and products. There are several products like heat, blow drying, and curling tools that result in hair fall. Watch out for possible hair loss due to wrong styling tools or products.
  • When you know that the cause of your hair falls is hormonal disbalance then it is better to choose natural drug free non hormonal hair loss natural shampoo and non hormonal hair loss natural conditioner and restoration spray and follicle stimulator.. Any other regular hair cleanser and conditioner will not benefit you. You can check out plant based herbal and ayurvedic options if you are looking for a chemical-free range. There are several plant based and animal cruelty-free brands that foster target hormonal issues for hair and scalp like Biotin Xtreme’s Natural Plant based shampoos, conditioners and follicle stimulating sprays.

The conclusion 

You must take extra measures if you know that the cause of your hair fall is not anything but hormones. It is a widespread problem among women. However, you must know that you can reverse the hair loss by taking immediate action and continuing with the suitable treatment. Do not try to overlook the unexplainable hair strands on your daily brush or comb. Hair loss is one sign of something that is not correct or normal in your body. 

You can always cover baldness with hair patches and extensions if you have lost the hair and the damage is irreversible. However, there are alternates like hair implants and wigs that support permanent hair loss. 

Word of caution!

Discuss with your hair expert and doctor before taking any medications. Remember that every age and everybody is unique. So, what may suit another person may not be suitable for you.

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