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How To Stop Hair Loss in Teenage Guys

How To Stop Hair Loss in Teenage Guys Naturally?

How to Stop Hair Loss in Young Adults

Hair loss is a problem so pervasive at this point that even young adults are facing it in large numbers. If you have researched hair loss and thinning at any depth, you’d have come across the term “teenage balding”. Teenage balding is not a myth. It is in fact, as real as balding and hair loss itself. This problem is plaguing an unfortunate section of people whose numbers are growing alarmingly with time.  

Investigate the Cause 

So how to stop hair loss in teenagers naturally?

Most of us experience hair loss to a certain degree all through our lives. Hair fall starts early in life, but it is a part of the regular shedding and the hair regrowth cycle. But, when the loss gets to the point where the scalp starts to get visible in parts in your teenage years, you should know that you are going through what is called premature hair loss.  

It can lead to lower self-esteem, and that can demolish the social life of the individual. So, it is imperative to dig out the reasons behind the problem. Not all premature hair loss is due to stress or unhealthy eating. Sometimes, hormonal imbalances common in the teenage years can be the reason. That’s what causes acne and other skin problems in young adults. 

Another cause that deserves immediate attention is a medical condition. Sometimes, medical conditions are simply the cause of hair fall. Thyroids, polycystic ovary, lupus, and many other conditions can damage hair density for life. Malnutrition is another leading cause.  

Another cause often seen in people of this age is the use of wrong products. Harsh chemicals, heat, and styling products can also be harmful to the hair, thus leading to excessive hair fall from prolonged use.  

In short, the potential causes of heavy hair fall in teenagers are miscellaneous. You must find out what’s causing your hair to fall and plan a treatment accordingly. 

Another alarming cause over the last few years is hair loss from exposure to Covid-19. Some adults, as well as teenagers, have seen excessive hair loss post covid-19 especially with long covid. These results can improve with a positive game plan of nutrition and the correct hair loss products.

Ways to Stop Hair Loss in the Teenage Years Naturally

While hormones and illness are not in your control, some things are, and making changes to those things can show visible results. Below are some ways to reduce and eventually stop premature balding and thinning of hair in young adults. 

Eating Wholesome Meals

One thing that almost all people in their teenage years do is neglect eating. Skipping meals, binging on unhealthy snacks, late meals, inadequate eating, overall an unhealthy lifestyle, etc. are the general habits of teenagers. If you want to see any changes in your hair volume, start there. Eat right and eat adequately. If malnourishment is causing your hair to fall out, changing your diet and eating habits should take care of it.

If the reason is something else, then good eating habits will still improve your overall health including your hair. As far as improving hair health, protein is a critical part of the equation. As well as the nutrients found in healthy oils and fats which will always improve the hair.

Getting Enough Exercise

Make sure you get up off the couch and spend enough time outdoors. Computer games and social media are causing more and more teenagers to spend time indoors, closed up in their rooms. It leads to obesity and other health conditions, and hair fall is a key one among them. So to avoid thinning hair at a young age, start having healthy habits early on. 


Supplements like biotin, zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, saw palmetto and such things can help balance the nutrient levels in the body. The lack of any of these nutrients and vitamins can have a negative effect on hair growth and adding these to the system can help tremendously.

Biotin-Based Products 

Last but not least, replace all your hair products of daily use with natural biotin-infused products like plant based Biotin Shampoo, Biotin and Keratin Conditioner, and Biotin Restoration Spray and Follicle Stimulator found  at

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