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Hair Loss After Covid 19 Infection

Hair Loss After Covid 19 Infection

Hair Loss in the Aftermath of COVID-19 Infection 

In a recent revelation, dozens of COVID-19 survivors started complaining of alarming hair fall in the months following their recovery. Around three months after covid, patients reported noticing a sudden onset of hair loss of the kind they have never seen before.  

So, the question is, can Covid 19 cause hair loss. Heavy hair loss is one of the many miseries of Covid-19. Even though it is still not widespread, but it is still a problem high up on the list. As if this was not bad enough, hair loss after COVID 19 is one of the few concerning lingering effects of this disease which is wrecking survivors emotionally. The condition medically known as telogen effluvium is rising in number in patients of all age groups. Fighting COVID-19 Related Hair Loss

More Visible among “Long-Haulers” 

So why do some COVID survivors experience telogen effluvium while others don’t? While there is no conclusive answer to that, doctors believe that the problem of hair fall is peculiar only in patients who have suffered from the disease longer than others who have made a quick recovery. These patients saw a medley of lingering symptoms in the months following their recovery, and hair fall is one of those symptoms. 

Several medical assessments and surveys were conducted to date. The experts are verifying the cause of this problem. Another reason behind the surveys was if this problem is more common in patients of a certain age group. It came out that the respondents, about a third of them fighting heavy hair loss, have suffered COVID-19 symptoms for longer than just two weeks, and in these patients other lingering symptoms are common.  Best Shampoo For Hair Loss Due To Stress

Hair fall shows up about six weeks from the date of infection and continues for months. Doctors looked into the possible causes of this problem. Among the findings, stress is the key culprit in this case. Based on expert findings, researchers opined that telogen effluvium is a reversible condition of hair loss behind which is stress caused by the pandemic and the disease.  

What to Do About It? 

Although hair loss after covid 19 infections is reversible and can be sorted out in a matter of 4 to 6 weeks, it causes a lot of stress on those suffering from it in the aftermath of a prolonged and painful COVID infection. Below are some things that doctors advise their patients to do to fight this side effect of COVID-19.  

A High-Protein Diet

The problems start with the diet. A low-protein diet is one of the absolute worst things to have while and after a Corona Virus infection. You need to up your protein intake and by a considerable measure depending upon your daily standard protein portion. Vegans need to take special care of what they are eating. The good news is there are many sources of protein in nature. From lentils to poultry, protein is an essential requirement. All you need is to customize your meals to your liking.  

More Supplements

With the news spreading far and wide, people started asking if hair loss is a side effect of covid 19. Hair loss is one of the side effects, but it’s not a very common one. So, if you are suffering from it after a COVID infection, it’s best to talk to your doctor about supplements. Supplements like vitamin D, Folic acid, and Biotin can help preserve your hair.  

Nature Hair care Products

Ditch all chemical products, at least for the time being. You can switch to all-natural products. Natural products that include Biotin can be of immense help to reduce hair loss after COVID 19 recovery. Biotin is a vitamin that supports hair health, and using products formulated with it can bring about considerable change in the volume.  

Using natural plant based products without harmful chemicals like the shampoos, conditioners. and restoration spray from is very effective in getting your hair loss under control.

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