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COVID-19 Could Cause Your Hair to Fall Out

COVID-19 Could Cause Your Hair to Fall Out

Fighting COVID-19 Related Hair Loss

According to a recent survey, severe hair fall and COVID 19 could be related. People who have experienced long-term symptoms of the disease have confirmed that abnormal hair loss is among the side effects of this virus. Now that’s bad news. As if the rapid infection rate and the already alarming fatality rate and the high risks weren’t bad enough, now there are longstanding side effects for people who have survived Corona Virus. Be that as it may, scientists have confirmed the possibility of the claim that COVID-19 could cause your hair to thin and in the light of that, something needs to be done to remediate or at least manage the situation.

COVID-19 on Hair

Surveys conducted on those suffering from the long-term symptoms of COVID-19 whom experts are calling long-haulers revealed that aside from the known symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches and such, some patients are also battling with severe hair loss.

Among the 1500 sample respondents, at least 400 confirmed this. Since the disease, these patients have been seeing their hair falling out in huge clumps. Not only that, some even said that their hair appears thin like never before. The shedding is so serious and nonstop that sufferers are fast losing their volume. They also complained of substantial decline in hair quality. For most patients, the hair fall started about three months after the infection. That says that the hair fall once it starts stays for some time before any natural signs of improvements are visible.

Managing Stress Hair Loss in COVID-19

There are some ways to preserve your precious locks in the aftermath of COVID. This may take some adjustments, some sacrifices, but in the end, it’d be all worth it. Below are some proven ways in which COVID-related hair loss can be managed effectively.


Switch to a Biotin Shampoo

Let’s start with the little changes that the hair fall situation demands. First is a change of shampoo. Whatever chemical shampoos you are using, ditch them for natural ones, and among those, choose biotin-based or biotin enriched ones. A biotin shampoo is the shampoo for stress hair loss. Shampoos containing biotin support hair regrowth among other things. They reverse hair thinning and stimulate growth of hair in thinning parts of the scalp.

Use DHT Blocker Hair Sprays

Biotin shampoos alone won’t produce the desired results. While you use the shampoo daily, or two to three times a week, you need something for maintenance in between. For that you need a DHT blocker spray. What it does is block the DHT from entering the hair roots, and DHT as we all know is no friend of hair. It slowly degrades the hair follicles causing the hair strands to suffer in quality until the follicles stop bearing hair anymore. Hence, a DHT blocker is equally important to replenish the health of your hair. Use this twice a day (we suggest AM and PM) making sure that you do not wash your hair soon after, and always use it immediately after you shampoo.

Watch Your Stress Levels

The best shampoo for stress hair loss can only do so much if your stress levels are not in control. When going through a time such as now, it is natural to feel more stressed than normal. Especially if you have sustained this condition, the aftereffects are likely to cause you more stress and worries. This can only exacerbate the problems making it harder for your body to cope. So, you need to make sure that your stress levels are at a reasonable low all the time. The following point will tell how.

Get Some Regular Exercise

One way to have a healthy lifestyle is to introduce light to heavy workout in your everyday life. This will ensure that your circulation is at its best, that the oxygen level in your blood is high and that your body functions are optimal. So, one thing you must positively do aside from using stress and hair loss shampoo is regular exercise. This will help manage your stress levels too.

Stay Away from Chemical Hair Products

This is the perfect time to do away with chemicals in your hair care routine. Do not use shampoo or conditioners with sulfates or parabens. Chemical free Biotin shampoo and conditioners will not only improve your hair loss and conditioners they are also color safe. Do not go back to them even when your hair loss problem has been resolved and the biotin products have done their job in restoring your hairs volume.

Eat Right

Nutrition is equally important for good hair. You may find it hard to keep the good habits up when your beautiful locks are falling out for no fault of your own, but you need to keep the fight up. Eat a wholesome and balanced diet.

Get Enough Sleep

Lastly, never underestimate the power of good sleep. Make sure you get enough of it every night.

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