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Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss

Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss?

The chance of losing hair from chemotherapy is very real. Doctors say that it is one of the most common things to expect when undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. So even before a patient goes for his or her first chemo, their physicians recommend a handful of ways to deal with the key symptoms, hair fall being one. While this side effect of chemotherapy is probable depending on the type of treatment, thankfully there is a way you can fight it naturally.

It’s pretty understandable if a patient is not thrilled at the idea of going out in public with visibly thinning hair because there are some effective solutions to try. So instead of asking does chemotherapy cause hair loss, one should be asking what are the ways to treat heavy hair loss caused by chemotherapy?

Some Tips First

Before you go straight into chemotherapy hair loss solutions, let’s take a quick look at how you can prepare to handle the heavy hair loss that treatments such as this commonly entail.

Go Easy on Your Hair

A proven way to slow the process of shedding is to stay away from chemical products that are harsh, and often harmful for the hair. These products often carry sulfates, salicylic acid and strong fragrances. Neither of those are restorative to delicate and shedding hair. So for the time being, shelve all your chemical hair products, and go easy on your hair.

Do not style, curl or straighten your hair using heat and chemicals for some time. Rollers and curling irons are a straight no-no for falling hair. The only thing you can safely use for the time being is a wide-tooth, soft-bristle hairbrush. Comb your hair a couple times during the day to keep the blood flowing into the follicles. Also let your hair air-dry for some time.

Try a Shorter, No-Fuss Hair Style

So you are about to enter an episode of heavy hair loss. Long tresses are not going to be helpful because the weight of the hair will hasten the process. The most pragmatic thing to do would be it cut it short. There are tons of short hair styles that are not only ultra-cool and stylish, but are also perfect for low hair volume. Short haircuts do not let hair lie flat against the skull. Instead, they give the hair a fuller, thicker look. So even with low hair volume, shorter haircuts give the illusion of good volume and thickness. In the event of excessive hair loss it is sometimes better to shave the hair to a very short length and then start treating the scalp and follicle  after treatment.

Managing Hair Loss Caused by Chemotherapy

Losing some or all of your hair, even temporarily is a huge blow to one’s self-esteem. It deteriorates one’s quality of life, not to mention add to the stress that one might be going through already. But thankfully, there are some pretty effective ways to deal with hair problems, and these are 100% safe and free of any side effects or chemicalls.

Cold Cap Treatment

Scalp hyoithermia is the cooling of the scalp with ice packers or cooling caps for a period of usually 30 minutes prior to treatment and for a period of time during and after each treatment. Some people report good results and less hair loss due to the use of this process. It is also advisable to  use a scalp stimulating shampoo and follicle stimulator daily if using this process for best results.


A Biotin-Rich Shampoo

Biotin-based hair products are known to have done wonders for shedding and thinning hair and speed up the rate of hair growth. Formulated with biotin, an essential nutrient that causes hair to grow thicker and denser, these products replenish the hair’s natural nutrients and amino acids to enable the follicle to produce healthy hair growth. That does two things. With the extra kick of biotin, the rapid hair fall can slow, and new hair starts to grow in places where it is missing. Using a biotin shampoo daily, will not stop chemo induced hair loss it can produce great results. Although it may not be visible within the first few weeks, you should see the difference in the first two to three months after the last treatment. New baby hair will start to appear in places where hair is light and thin. You will also notice a change in the hair thickness. Biotin shampoos are great restorers of thinning hair. The new hair will need help to become thicker and stronger. Best Shampoo for Hair Loss Due to Stress

A DHT Blocker Spray for Maintenance

While you are using the biotin shampoo, add another product for daily use, a biotin DHT blocker spray. These hair sprays are follicle stimulators and contain DHT blockers, an essential element that prevents and reverses thinning. DHT is the chemical in our blood that causes the follicles to bear thinner hair before they finally go sterile. While you can’t effectively stop the body from producing it, you can always keep it from reaching the hair follicles. Without the daily supply of DHT, the hair follicles continue to grow hair normally. So trade all your styling hair sprays for a DHT blocker spray to restore your hair volume during chemotherapy.

About Biotin Xtreme Hair Care

Biotin Xtreme Hair Care is dedicated to formulating a line of all natural biotin-based hair care products that are proven to stop hair fall, and improve thinning hair. Regular use of BXT biotin shampoo, conditioner and DHT hair spray can deliver wondrous results for dry, damaged and thinning hair.

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