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Why Might You Be Shedding More Hair during the COVID-19

Why Might You Be Shedding More Hair during the COVID-19

2020 seems to be the year of apocalypse, not literally, but in a sense with the worldwide death and sickness. It is by no means a good year. So what people are resorting to is binge watching shows on Netflix and making their first sourdough breads. Although not the most ideal way of spending almost an entire year, it is still a reasonable alternative to getting out there and taking a chance. But now, people are complaining about excessive hair fall. So, if you are wondering why you might be shedding more hair during the Covid-19, you are not the only one.

Researchers have made it known that severe hair loss has been seen in many patients as a consequence of COVID-19, but most of the people reporting more than normal hair fall are not COVID patients. Turns out, you could still be losing more than normal hair during the pandemic, and surprisingly the reason behind is not Corona Virus. So, what’s causing people to lose more hair in this pandemic? Let’s find out.


First of all, you are spending most of your day at home, and way too much time on the couch. Now that cannot change for a while given that there is not much else to do. This transformation from an active to a sedentary lifestyle is not working well for many people. Although it is not causing any visible problems, the body is giving off signs that it’s time to get out of the house and get some action. So, if you are asking is COVID-19 pandemic stress results in hair loss, it most possibly is, and this is why. So, chilling at home might not seem so bad, but it does have some downsides.

Zero Pressure in Maintaining Look

You may be losing more hair but if you observe closely you will notice that you are probably not looking your best either. That is through no fault of your own. Spending day after day cooped up in the house in sweatshirts and pajamas is hardly the recipe for reviving looks. To look your best, you need to make the effort, for which there is no pressure in the pandemic time. When formerly you used to wash your hair every alternate day or so, now you do that far less frequently. You are certainly not doing your hair or going for a facial now and again or having a good time with your friends and family. The absence of a normal life is weighing us down making us less merry and therefore less glamorous.

High Stress Levels

These are stressful times. So, if you are asking yourself can stress linked to COVID-19 lead to hair loss, you have hit the bull’s eye. Yes, COVID-19 is causing stress to shoot through the ceiling for many, and in those people sudden and severe hair loss is likely to occur. Even when people are not at any direct risk of getting the infection, they are naturally stressed out and anxious, without even realizing it. That can potentially contribute to hair loss skin problems, metabolic slowdown and aging in general.’

How to Stop the Pandemic-Induced Hair Fall in the Pandemic?

That’s a question a lot of us have been asking through the first half of this year. There are a ton of ways to manage hair fall through stressful episodes, but not many of them are working in the current situation because the stress has been continuous and peaking. But worry not because there are still some ways to bypass the terrible side effects of stress during pandemic.

Get Light Exercise Everyday

Snap out of it and start doing some lunges and burpees. There is no need to go to the gym for that, if you are feeling unsafe. Craft a routine and follow it at home. Order some weights and pulleys online and set up your own gym at home. As for cardio, go biking, or running or brisk walking in the neighborhood.

Spend Time in Nature

If you live close to a state park, now is a good time to go hiking. Find out a time when the park is not busy. This may not be a time of your convenience but it’s when it’s the safest.

Change Your Shampoo

If you are going to go looking for the best shampoo for stress hair loss, you might end up getting confused. Instead, cut to the chase and grab a well-reviewed biotin enriched stress and hair loss shampoo. These are the best products out there in the market. Biotin shampoos check hair loss in a very short time while improving the quality of new hair by a good measure.

Spend on Upkeep Products

Aside from a good shampoo for stress hair loss, invest on a good biotin DHT blocker spray and follicle stimulator, as this will keep your hair thick and lustrous in the long run.



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