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How To Prevent DHT for Hair Loss?

How To Prevent DHT for Hair Loss?

How to Control the Production of DHT to Manage Hair Loss 

Uncontrolled hair fall has many reasons, some of which are way less known than others. Lifestyle, diet, and age are certain factors that affect hair and skin health, but there are other things at play too. One of those things is DHT. The body produces an abundance of this hormone which increases our sex drive. While that is dandy, this hormone can cause potential damage to the hair if it reaches the hair follicles. How to remove DHT from scalp

Even though its production is natural, an excess of it can cause hair to fall out before time. It can trigger unexplained premature baldness and hair thinning. Today, in this article, we will learn how to prevent DHT for hair loss naturally. 

Preventing DHT Hair Loss 

The key to stopping DHT-caused hair loss is to find out how to reduce DHT to prevent hair loss. Since DHT is a hormone without which a man’s masculine qualities like musculature, thick hair, deep voice, prostate would be gone, the body needs it. However, the problem starts when the hormone gets produced at an abnormally high level. It is then that this hormone places itself in the way of essential nutrients that are on their way to the hair follicles. With the supply of nutrients cut off, the hair follicles start to do poorly. They degrade and shrink until they are incapable of bearing hair anymore.  

Thankfully, there are some simple, easy, yet effective ways of preventing DHT hair loss. It does not involve going to extreme measures. Doing some of these simple day-to-day things can significantly reduce DHT levels, but help restore the former volume of hair naturally. 


The first thing one needs to target when on a DHT reducing routine is the diet. People who live on unhealthy foods often see their hair and skin taking the hit. It may not be so apparent, but our health and wellness, balance chiefly on the food we eat. 

  • To stop the excess production of DHT in the body, one must focus on vegetables that are high in zinc and phytosterol. Both these nutrients are known to cut down the production of DHT. It results in better hair growth and reduced bald patches on the scalp. As areas where this hormone can attach itself are the hair roots that get lesser and lesser, thin hair areas disappear. So, focus on green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. 
  • Also, lycopene-containing foods are good too for this. Introduce carrots and tomatoes to your daily meals. Fruits like mangoes and watermelons can be helpful. 
  • The third food group to stress is biotin-containing items. Biotin occurs abundantly in diverse foods ranging from soybeans to fish to legumes to black pepper and more. So, fruits, seeds, fish, lentils, pick whatever you fancy.  

DHT Blocking Products 

If you want to see quick results, then DHT blocking hair products like DHT blocker spray is your best bet. Luckily, with this problem being such a wide spread problem at this point, many products have been released with formulas treating hair thinning and balding caused by excess DHT levels. These products contain a mix of natural and chemical ingredients that together convert DHT and neutralize it.  

Targeting the scalp, these products reduce the levels of DHT found in hair follicles. In addition to that, the natural ingredients present in the formulas cleanses the scalp, unclog the pores, rejuvenate the strands and revitalize the scalp by improving blood circulation to the follicles. As a result, hair looks healthier, the volume returns naturally, and thinning and balding reduce significantly after a few times of use.  

Revitalizing Hair Tonics

The prescription products that reduce hair loss are oil and gel based and leave a large amount of residual on the hair which makes it look even thinner and also contain harmful ingredients that can cause unwanted side effects, especially to women. So in the long run, these products have way too many side effects as well as leaving the hair weighed down and full of residuals 

Biotin Xtreme Hair Care is among a few natural brands available in the market dedicated to producing all natural plant based effective products formulated to reduce DHT in the scalp and restore hair growth formulated for men and women. 

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