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How to remove DHT from scalp naturally

How to remove DHT from scalp naturally

Whenever two males are chatting with each other, it is very likely that the topic of thinning hair would feature in the conversation at some point of time. The reason for this is that male pattern baldness is today one of the most common occurrences for males across the world, probably more common than erectile dysfunction or problems with the prostrate gland. A term called DHT is behind the thinning hair that is being discussed. DHT is a hormone naturally produced in the body, and the baldness we observe is usually caused due to the sensitivity to this hormone. Hair growth occurs because the hair follicles absorb necessary nutrients from the scalp. But DHT interferes with this absorption, making the follicles weaker, and inhibiting their growth. This is what causes thinning hair or baldness. If we look at this the other way round, it can be said that hair thing or hair loss can be stopped if you know how to remove DHT from scalp

How to remove DHT from scalp naturally

For most of the physical problems we have, there are some or the other natural ingredients available which can alleviate the pain or reduce the problem. Let us look at hair thinning or hair loss, for example. As we mentioned above, a good way to arrest male pattern baldness is to block the effect of DHT. Here are a few natural solutions to your question about how to remove DHT from scalp naturally:

  1. Pumpkin seeds – Pumpkin seeds contain a natural chemical called phytosterol, whose primary function of this chemical is to promote hair growth. This is done by blocking enzymes and hormones (including DHT).
  2. Saw palmetto – To understand the reason for the effectiveness of this ingredient, we need to understand the chemical process behind DHT. An enzyme called 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone to DHT inside the prostate. Saw palmetto works towards the slowing of the production of 5-alpha reductase.
  3. Green Tea – Proponents of natural cures consider green tea as their posterboy, owing to its rich store of antioxidants. What many don’t know is that green tea also has catechins, which are very effective DHT blockers.
  4. Nettles – We usually associate this word with prickly and painful thorns. But they have a great benefit for your hair as well. They not only make your hair glossier and healthier, but they help to reduce the quantity of DHT as well.

These are just 4 natural ingredients which can effectively block the negative effects of DHT on your hair. There are several more. REJUVENATING BIOTIN SPRAY FOR HAIR GROWTH

What else you can try

Of the four examples mentioned above, maybe just two would be commonly found in most households. With today’s lifestyle, you might not always have the time (or the inclination) to search for such natural ingredients and use them on a regular basis.There are several reputed hair care companies which provide you very effective alternatives which have almost no side effects. For example, you might want to try a DHT removing spray which you can apply on your hair as often as you need to, as per your physician’s advice. While using such products, you need to ensure that you are not purchasing from a fly-by-night operator who promises the moon and maybe even offers dirt-cheap prices. Instead, you must stick to reputed names like Biotin X treme Hair Care, who have been around for more than three decades and can boast of thousands of satisfied customers. 

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The use of natural ingredients has been found to be very effective in blocking DHT. But you can also try some great products like biotin restoration spray and others from dependable manufacturers.
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