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Stop Hair Loss with Drug Free Hair Follicle Stimulator for Men and Women

Stop Hair Loss with Drug Free Hair Follicle Stimulator for Men and Women

The American Hair Loss Association says that by the age of 35, two out of every three American men would have experienced some degree of hair loss. It goes on to say that by the age of 50, as many as 85% of American men would have significantly thinner hair. If you look around you (or even at yourself in the mirror), you would tend to agree with these numbers, whichever part of the world you are in.

Hair loss in men is now no longer a one-off ailment which some men suffer from. Rather it is the norm more than the exception. Across the world, there are several formulations and applications which claim to stimulate the hair follicles on men’s heads and encourage the growth of hair. While there is no denying that some of those drugs and lotions could be effective, but we always recommend that you use a solution to this problem without the use of any drugs or chemicals. This blog takes a closer look at drug free hair follicle stimulator for men.

Whether you need any stimulator for your follicles is usually made clear by a simple test you can do at home. Run your fingers gently through your hair a few times. If you see clumps of hair coming off in your hair, or even more than a few strands, you should know that you might need help sooner rather than later. You can follow up this preliminary test with a more formal blood test, scalp biopsy, or a light microscopy test. You can consult a dermatologist or a hair specialist and see if you can be prescribed a drug free hair follicle stimulator for your condition.

All drug free hair follicle stimulators do have some ingredients in common. If you have access to these ingredients, you can buy them separately and apply them. You can also take the easy way out of buying some good quality drug free hair follicle stimulator for women and men at some of the reputed manufacturers. Whether you apply them individually or buy a ready made drug-free product, it is useful to have a brief idea of these five natural ingredients which stimulate growth of hair follicles.

  1. Jojoba – Very commonly used ingredient in hair care products, it helps stimulate growth, and also imparts strength, shine, and manageability to hair.
  2. Licorice – Chemically, it is a proven antidote to androgen effects, which is why it is so popular in combating male pattern baldness.
  3. Niacin – this is a type of vitamin and belongs to the Vitamin B family. It nourishes and hydrates the scalp and helps faster growth of the follicles.
  4. Quinoa – You might have herd of this plant in the context of malaria. But quinoa is also a source of proteins for the hair and helps in the production of red blood cells which stimulate hair growth.
  5. Honeysuckle – This is a commonly found climbing shrub and has tube shaped fragrant flowers. Also called woodbine by some, it has many other health benefits apart from stimulating growth of hair follicles.
  1. Biotin: All these ingredients we discussed here are part of our Biotin Xtreme Hair Care product line. Our Biotin Restoration Spray, Follicle Stimulator and DHT Inhibitor is very effective in stimulating blood flow, inhibiting the development of DHT and improving thinning hair and hair growth.


At Biotin Xtreme Hair Care, we offer the best drug free hair follicle stimulator for women and men on the market today. Our Drug Free biotin shampoo, biotin conditioner and biotin hair restoration spray are developed as a natural hormone-free hair care line for both men and women.
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