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Best Weightless Conditioner for Fine Hair

Best Weightless Conditioner for Fine Hair

What Should a Good Weightless Conditioner Contain?

Whether we are at home all day, or whether we spend most of our day outdoors, application of shampoo regularly and frequently is very important. A good shampoo imparts healthy strength to the hair strands and of course cleans it as well. But an important post-shampoo activity is the application of a conditioner. Some people use conditioner right after their shampoo. Others apply conditioner on those alternate days of the week on which they do not shampoo their hair. There are others who apply conditioner stand alone, without any link to the frequency of shampooing their hair. Best DHT Blocker Shampoo for Hair Loss

Some conditioners are used like shampoo, and rinsed off during a bath. But there are other leave-in conditioners, which are simply rubbed onto the hair and scalp and left there to slowly dissipate into the hair. That is the reason they are referred to as leave-in conditioners. They are usually meant to be used sparingly on the ends of the hair to aid in dry or frizzy hair. They are quite light and fluffy, and do not feel heavy on the head even though they are left there without rinsing off. That is why they are also called weightless conditioner. If you are able to find out the best weightless conditioner and use it regularly, your hair is bound to feel shinier and bouncier.

There are so many brands available in the market today. Each one claims to have the best ingredients brought together in the best formulations. But it is also important for you to do your homework before you are able to judge for yourself which is the best weightless conditioner for fine hair. Whether it is the physical characteristics of the conditioner or the chemical ingredients,  it is good if you can know a few things beforehand, so that you don’t need to blindly depend on a particular brand, but actually know what you are looking for and what you are getting. We will be primarily looking at two ingredients, keratin and biotin, which are the two most important ingredients for any conditioner which claims to be the best weightless conditioner for fine hair.


This is a popular ingredient for all the products which are counted among the best weightless conditioner for fine hair. It is also applied topically on the scalp by some people, the benefits are so valuable. It provides strength to the hair follicle, and therefore indirectly aids in growing hair long by helping create an environment to improve hair loss and thinning hair. The best thing about having biotin as an ingredient in your conditioner is that the results are quite visible and show up pretty fast, which is an undeniable advantage in this age of short attention spans and low patience. Biotin Spray for Hair Growth

Physically it has crystalline looks and is white in color. These crystals are fairly stable towards air, heat, and light. But if it is dissolved in a strong acid or base, biotin becomes sensitive to degradation. Because of the relative positions of the carbon and sulphur atoms we mentioned above, a molecule of biotin has three asymmetric centres.

Chemically speaking, biotin can be labelled the trivial designation of a complex combination of Vitamin H, vitamin B7, and Coenzyme R, which come together to create the best weightless conditioner for fine hair. The actual name of this compound is cis-hexahydro-2-oxo-1H-thieno[3,4-d]imidazole-4-pentanoic acid. The ureido nucleus in this structure is planar, while the thiophane nucleus is folded. As a result, the sulfur atom in this compound is physically elevated to a higher level than the 4 carbon atoms. There are eight possible stereoisomers, of which only one, called d-biotin, has biological activity which makes the biotin such an important ingredient of the best weightless conditioner for fine hair.


This is a commonly found biological material. Keratin is a group of proteins with high sulphur content. Keratin is usually insoluble and helps in the formation of filaments, which is why it is said to form the bulk of all epidermal appendages like hair, horns, claws, scutes and feathers. This is also the reason that the best weightless conditioner for fine hair use keratin as a primary ingredient.

Animals have a special kind of cell called a keratinocyte, which is located in the lower parts of its dermal (skin) layers. These cells produce the fibrous protein called keratin. For animals, keratin provides a protective layer that protects them against the elements. For hair, the keratin coils and the bonds between individual keratin molecules helps to improve the malleability of the hair strands. The hydrogen bonds inside keratin are quite weak in the presence of water, which helps the hair to be manipulated more easily. This is the reason that the best weightless conditioner for fine hair always contains keratin as an ingredient.


These two ingredients keratin and biotin should be part of any good weightless conditioner for fine hair. They not only help improve the results of shampoo, but also add several of their own benefits and advantages for hair and scalp.


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