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What Is the Best Hair Growth Serum for Men and Women

What Is the Best Hair Growth Serum for Men and Women?

Hair regrowth treatments at present abound in the market. The numbers have been growing steadily over the past few years when a succession of breakthroughs was achieved on the subject. Today, the staggering number of options in hair growth serum for men and women can compete with the stock of the cough and cold aisle of the pharmacy.

The Confusion of Choices

But why are so many people around us still complaining about hair loss as if it’s irreversible? That’s because most people who buy hair growth serum do not get lucky the first time, and disappointed, they never go back to it again, dismissing the whole idea as marketing hot air.

The truth is, if you want to see some results, you need to patiently keep with it, trying different products to see what works best for you. And give each product a time period of 3 months to see any difference before giving it up for the next one.

What Kind of Products Work Best?

But, if the question is which of the available serums is the best hair growth serum, the answer has to be any biotin-rich item.

No one product can be named to answer the question of the best hair growth serum in the market, especially for users both male and female. There are biotin serums that are specially tailored for men and others for women.

Only a few of them are formulated for both the sexes and are known to work impressively well in all cases.

The hair growth serum for women and men are formulated with biotin is known to have the best results where hair growth is concerned. Biotin which is rich in foods like egg yolk, organ meats, nuts, etc. is the basic protein that constitutes our hair, nails and skin. Researchers have found that in most cases of blading, the patient’s blood profile shows a deficiency or insufficiency of this protein.

Being scientifically proven to improve the keratin infrastructure of the body, Biotin is believed to be a key ingredient in the reversal of hair loss, hair thinning and baldness.

The Best Hair Growth Serum Product in the Market

A Biotin product like the Biotin Hair Restoration Spray Follicle Stimulator and DHT Blocker from Biotin Xtreme works in two ways. First, it supplies the hair follicles with a concentrated dose of biotin causing a rapid revival. Second, the DHT blocker in the serum attacks the DHT present in the follicles rendering them ineffective.

With checks and balances, the serums work miracles on hair volume, quality and regrowth. 

Within the first two weeks of use, you will notice changes in the shedding volume. In the following weeks, you will notice significant hair growth in the affected areas.

If you are wondering where to buy hair growth serum from Biotin Xtreme, this DHT blocker along with biotin shampoo and biotin and keratin conditioner is available online at Other biotin-based products can be found in cosmetic superstores and local pharmacies.

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