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How Effective is Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

How Effective is Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

Suffering from hair loss and being unaware, or unsure of ways to regrow hair and stop hair loss are common issues for men and women. Many experts believe that the discovery of the effects of Saw Palmetto is one of the most promising and latest plant base ingredient that can support hair loss and thinning hair. The buzzword in the hair expert industry is Saw Palmetto. You may or may not have come across this term yet but if you have hair loss you soon will. Well! No worries. 

Here are the details of this wonder product which is taking the hair care industry by storm. However, to unfold the answer to how effective is saw palmetto for hair loss, you must understand more in detail about this product. Let’s explore more.

Saw palmetto – know more

The plant based extract of Saw Palmetto is a plant that grows as a small shrub from the palm family that originates in the south-eastern United States of America. You can find small berries as fruit on these shrubs, and the powder made from these berries in the form of an extract can be used in capsules or topical shampoos, conditioners, or sprays have been proven to show very promising results in studies of hair loss. and thinning hair without side effects for both men and women. Several studies show a very positive result  for hair loss and increased density after just a few weeks. how long does it take for saw palmetto to work

Saw palmetto’s effectiveness in hair loss is still under study. However, in the past few decades, this wonder supplement is gaining popularity in the USA and other countries to combat hair loss problems. Saw palmetto affects the five alpha reductase enzymes which are the prime enzymes in converting testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). These are the main hormones that are responsible for male and female hair loss.

Saw Palmetto is a botanical extract that blocks the effects of androgen hormones. Because the androgen is the main reason for hair thinning and eventually hair fall. Even though it is a plant extract with almost no side effects it is not recommended at this time for use in nursing and pregnant women. saw palmetto serum for hair

Saw palmetto effects on hair loss – myth or truth? 

 It is always better to take this wonderberry if you target baldness, hair thinning, or alopecia. Any form of this powder or liquid is not recommended for children below 16, pregnant women, and breastfeeding ladies. Although there are side effects associated with this supplement, they are mild and manageable and are not considered to be a factor for topical applications like shampoos and hair loss serums. Almost all plant based extracts are considered safe for topical use and the use of taking them as a daily supplement should always be considered more closely and discussed with your doctor.

You can almost always control side effects by taking this supplement with food. However, some studies show side effects like thinning of the blood which is common with many supplements. It may result in excessive bleeding during surgery. So, discuss it with your physician before undergoing any procedure or treatment. You must also avoid taking aspirin or warfarin while being on these supplements. There are a few drug interactions inconclusive. Therefore, it is better to check with your doctor before starting the oral saw palmetto supplement.

Saw palmetto – different forms and intakes

You can find the supplement in different forms and take it at your convenience. Tablets and capsules are easier to find in the pharmacy and drug stores. But once again we must stress used as a topical form for hair loss, saw palmetto has been found to be effective for hair loss and is recommended for anyone experiencing thinning hair and hair fall except pregnant or breastfeeding women. Study, 

Some common forms are whole dried berries, liquid extracts, and powder.

You can either choose to drink tea using the powder or can use the dried berries in decoction. The supplement expert recommends 160 milligrams intake, two times a day. You can also take these in treating an enlarged prostate.

There is saw palmetto shampoo for hair loss if you are reluctant to take the supplement orally. Many brands are chemically free and have the pure form of saw palmetto to give all the benefits to your hair.

You can either choose to drink tea using the powder or can use the dried berries in many concotions. The supplement expert recommends 160 milligrams intake, two times a day. You can also take these in treating an enlarged prostate.

There is also saw palmetto shampoo for hair loss if you are reluctant to orally take the supplement. Many brands are manufacturing ointments, oils, and serums that have the pure form of saw palmetto to give all the boost to your hair.

The very famous and safer option to get the benefits of this wonder plant extract is the raw palmetto oil extract. The cold pressed extract of saw palmetto works great in treating scalp conditions but you must mix it with virgin olive oil. Another very popular application method is the saw palmetto ointment. It is a very traditional form of preparation where the extracts, virgin olive oil, and natural vitamin E come together to form an ointment. 

You can also check with the local herbal store to find shampoos and hair serums that contain saw palmetto, and use it as per the instructions on the pack. These cleansers and serums help to strengthen and increase density in the hair and maintain a hygienic scalp.

Saw palmetto – innumerable benefits

The wonder supplement has more benefits than treating hair loss. Here are some other health and wellness sectors that can make positive changes with saw palmetto. 

  • Strengthens hair follicles and helps treat inflammation: The plant extract has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore if you have a scalp that has redness, infection, or irritation, saw palmetto is a great option. The hair follicles are the roots where the actual hair grows from and the supplement fosters nourishment in this area.
  • Treating urinary tract functions: Urine incontinence and difficulty in urination are some adult problems. This health supplement helps in improving urinary issues. You can also improve the enlargement of the prostate gland and urines issues related to the same.

The verdict – saw palmetto YES or NO!

This is totally up to you and your hair requirements if you want to start the botanical herbal extracts. However, it is always advisable to seek the doctor’s prescription and discuss your health conditions before starting any supplement or medications.

Check whether you will opt for oral intake or will choose a topical form of the plant extracts. Or you can try a combination of oral supplements with biotin shampoo, conditioners or hair restoration sprays that includes saw palmetto. As always make it a point to give the hair a nutrient rich environment like keeping the hair clean, washing the scalp regularly, healthy intake of proteins, nutrient rich  meals, exercise, and hydration.

So, you can try a combination of oral supplements with confidence that this plant based ingredient is proven safe for almost all men and women, or  with hair shampoo and serums that include saw palmetto. Always look for natural plant based products like Biotin Xtreme Hair Care products for keeping the hair clean, washing the scalp regularly, healthy intake of food, nutrient meals, and hydration.