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Natural Hair Follicle Stimulator Spray

Natural Hair Follicle Stimulator Spray

A Few Home Remedies for Hair Follicle Stimulation

There are different hair care routines that people follow according to their work routine, convenience, and knowledge. Some people only shampoo their hair once or twice a week, and maybe apply conditioner a few times a month. Others are more industrious, and they apply shampoo daily or two to three times a week. Others use conditioner every time they shampoo their hair.

Another way in which healthy hair can be ensured is by using a good hair follicle stimulator spray, especially one that is a DHT BLOCKER. Just like we take vitamin or multivitamin pills when we feel a lack of strength and vitality in our daily lives, a hair follicle spray rejuvenates the hair follicles and arrests hair fall, while also aiding hair growth.

While we take the easy way out by using a natural hair follicle stimulator for providing a rejuvenated life to our hair, it is also important to know a little bit about the mechanism involved. The hair follicles contain cells with long lives, called hair follicle stem cells. Normally they remain dormant throughout life, but when a new hair cycle begins, these cells become more active. This quiet period between hair cycles is also referred to as quiescence, and the longer this period is, the greater the chances of thinning hair for the person. This is what a biotin follicle stimulator spray seeks to address, by making the growth cells of the follicle active again, so that the gap between hair growth cycles can be reduced.

While it is a boon for us that we do have very high quality products available now which can stimulate hair growth in the follicles, it is important to look at non hormonal formulas.  But it is also important to be aware of ways and means to stimulate hair growth naturally. Let us take a look at some natural hair follicle stimulator options.

A mixture of almond oil, rosemary and peppermint oil can be made by mixing these three ingredients in the ratio of a few drops of peppermint and rosemary to a tablespoon of almond oil. This mixture can be kept bottled, and can be used twice a day to massage your scalp.

Two unusual ingredients that can be used as a great substitute for biotin follicle stimulator spray at home are cayenne pepper and vodka. A mixture of these two ingredients, which are normally found in most households, if applied on a regular basis (at least three to four times a week), can aid in the healthy flow of blood to your scalp and thus stimulate hair growth.

Nettle juice is one of the most underrated but highly effective ingredients that can stimulate hair growth. The reason for this is that the benefits of nettle juice are mostly anecdotal, but are yet to be substantiated by any empirical evidence backed by clinical trials.

Apart from these ingredients which can be applied directly on the scalp, there are also some activities that can be done in order to easily replicate the benefits of hair follicle stimulator spray. A brush made of natural bristles is a great tool to use for brushing your hair twice a day (at least). This is an easy and natural way to get the blood circulation in your scalp going.

Apart from a healthy flow of blood to your hair follicles, what is also needed is to provide adequate nutrients to your hair. A good, balanced diet is very important, and it should have a good proportion of vitamins. In case your doctor suggests that your daily intake of vitamins is falling short of the requirement, you could consider taking vitamin supplements which could act as a natural hair follicle stimulator.

The takeaway from this is purchasing natural products containing many of these ingredients including biotin and amino acids can be very effective for improving hair loss and removing DHT which benefits anyone with fine, thinning, hair and  hair loss.
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