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How to Know If a Shampoo is Color Safe?

How to Know If a Shampoo is Color Safe?

Gone are those days when hair dyes or hair colors were strictly meant to be used by elders for camouflaging their grey strands. But today, coloring the hair in various shades of burgundy or golden-brown, light-brown, or dark-brown or in any shade whatsoever, as per one's own choice is the latest trend.

Now, whether it's the first time you've colored your hair or the 100th time, you must have noticed a significant change in your hair texture every time you color it. While it may not be too apparent to outsiders, but it's certainly quite remarkable for you.

Post the hair color regimen, there are quite a few things that you can do to smooth and condition your hair and make sure that they're healthy and hydrated. But one of the most important and probably the first thing that you would indeed want to do is to find the best color safe shampoo and conditioner for natural hair

How to choose the best color-safe shampoo? How to know if a shampoo is color-safe? If you're still seeking answers to these questions, then you're at the right place. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the tips to choose the best color safe shampoo for your beautifully colored curls. Without much ado, let's check out the interesting facts. 

Post their hair color treatment, people turn to hair experts or salon people for their opinion about color-safe shampoos. They're also confused about whether different shampoos are needed for different hair colors.

The short and simple answer to it is, yes. But with the invention of purple and blue pigmentation shampoos have given rise to a complex solution. While these shampoos claim to give your hair back its health, luster, and dimension, but it is also true that pigmented shampoos are not safe to be used for all color types. 

Purple shampoo should be used for washing blond, white, grey, or silver hair, and their blue counterparts can safely be used for darker shades like black and brunette. That being said, it's best to avoid these purple and blue pigmented products because they will wash out the color. 

The best color-safe shampoos are the ones that have a combination of sodium lactate and sodium PCA with amino acids. This combination is known to work wonders for your color-treated hair. They keep your hair as healthy, vibrant, smooth, and soft as ever. These shampoos will help your hair to lock its moisture, such that they don't get brittle and break off easily. 

The most common problem of color-treated hair is that the color or the hair dye tends to fade off after your hair has undergone a few washes. To prevent your hair color from fading away, you should always go for Sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair that contains an acidic additive like citric acid that would clean your hair, restore its shine, and bring your hair back to life.

The newly formulated natural color-safe shampoo by Biotin XTreme is enjoying a windfall these days. 

A combination of biotin, collagen, and amino acid, BTX's color-safe shampoos add volume to your hair and moisturize the dry scalp. These sulfate-free shampoos are ideal for color-treated hair. They do not strip off the pigmentation that gives your hair its dimension and vibrancy. After every single use, your hair feels stronger, smoother, brighter, and fuller, than ever before. 

A hair and skincare product company, Biotin Xtreme Hair Care's range of color-safe product line is known to be highly effective in arresting hair loss and improving your hair growth while making them feel fuller, brighter, shinier, smoother, and thicker than ever before.

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