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The Importance of Using Chemical Free Shampoo and Conditioner

The Importance of Using Chemical Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioning are a part of the daily hair care routine. Like old pals, these two rituals dutifully keep hair clean, healthy and shining. But on account of the growing number of hair problems, people today are prone to question if this age-old care regimen is enough to preserve the health of our tresses. The short answer to that is yes, but there is a catch. For an average person with reasonable hair problems, just the daily washing and conditioning of hair should be sufficient, provided you are using the right kind of products.

So, what is the right kind of hair products, and like skincare items, is it different for each person? The one and only kind of hair care products that can be marked suitable for everyone is the chemical-free kind. Natural and organic products as they are called celebrate our hair’s natural type and texture. Mild and rejuvenating, these products are the perfect way to kick start your mornings.

Something Natural for Your Tresses

Hair loves natural ingredients. Being an organic matter, it likes to draw its daily nourishments from something of its nature. Although synthetic products really seem to bring out the shine and luster of hair, those results are short-lived. Natural products on the other hand work from within. Sure, their methods are slow and time-taking, but they are far more permanent than any chemical based products.

Besides, natural ingredients present in chemical-free shampoos and conditioners individually do their bit in the improvement of hair quality. Natural shampoos for instance are not only formulated to clean hair and scalp thoroughly like their synthetic counterparts, but are also designed to stimulate hair growth, enhance the shine and color, soothe the scalp and protect it from bacterial buildup.

For a chemical product, accomplishing so many things with its kind of components is a steep challenge.

Ways in Which Chemical-Free Shampoos Are Better

Naural products are infinitely better than their chemical-based counterpart and there is copious evidence establishing that. But the precise reasons why these are better than the garden variety sulfate-containing options are as follows:

  • Artificial shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions in users leading to scalp irritation, rashes, discoloration and hair fall. Organic products minimize the risk of allergies with mild and scalp-friendly formulas.
  • Natural products are infinitely better than their chemical counterparts because they are milder on the hair and do not damage the hair strands or follicles, even after everyday use.
  • While natural products prevent balding, artificial ones can cause or hasten it. Natural products have hair growth inducing elements that nourish hair follicles making them stronger and healthier. This makes hair thicker and more voluminous.
  • Chemical products contain pollutants that can contaminate the environment and your body, whereas natural ones are neutral and earth-friendly.

Some Extra Love and Care with Biotin-Based Products

Biotin-based hair care treatments are loaded with natural antioxidants and B vitamins. These are the best hair care options you will find in the market today. Formulated with lots of vitamin B7 in a base of natural ingredients, these chemical free shampoo and conditioner are more than just mild and gentle on the hair.

Biotin-enriched products support hair growth for all users and promote growth of new hairs in people who are undergoing thinning and balding. The products contain DHT blockers that preserve the health and thickness of the hair strands. Biotin shampoos and conditioners supply biotin hair shaft, scalp and follicle thereby countering the possible deficiency of the vitamin in the body that often results in premature and abnormal loss of hair. 

Biotin hair care products (Biotin Shampoo, Biotin Conditioner and DHT Blocker Spray) stimulate the hair follicles, promote blood circulation to the scalp and re-energize the follicle to promote good quality hair. This reduces abnormal shedding and eventually normalizes hair fall. Hair becomes thicker and fuller over time countering all signs of thinning and receding hairlines.

Start your natural hair care routine by grabbing any of our biotin hair care products from our online store today.
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