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Best Shampoo for Hair Growth

Best Shampoo for Hair Growth

8 Easy Steps to Long and Lush Hair

Those who are naturally blessed with naturally flowing tresses are lucky. If they do not like to keep their hair long, they have the option of cutting the hair off. The others, who do not have the ability to have naturally long hair, do not have the luxury of such choice. They are doomed to have short hair all their lives. Or are they?

This might not be entirely true. There are a number of products available today which advertise themselves as the best hair growth shampoo. Additionally there is now a lot of educated opinion on simple things that can be done for hair growth. While it is not possible for us to completely overturn the natural distinction of who has long hair and who doesn’t, the process can surely be coaxed along. There are several ways in which hair growth can be encouraged. Join us as we recount some of them hair growth shampoo
  1. A Trim On Time – If you have any interest in gardening, you would know how rose bushes (and many other flowering plants) are trimmed once a year. This actually encourages faster growth. The same principle works on your hair. Some people go to long between haircuts, but you don’t necessarily have to... You can trim your hair a few times a year. This not only makes it grow better but is also a way to cut away broken ends helping with hair breakage.
  2. Frequent Shampooing - In the past some people believed that frequent shampooing could result in causing hair loss and damaging the hair and scalp. This is not true. If you are using a premium product with pure proven hair nutrients they can actually improve the condition and growth rate of the hair and improve hair loss... Daily shampoo and conditioning with products containing Biotin, Keratin, and Jojoba can improve some scalp conditions helping improve hair loss and, in many cases, make the hair look and feel fuller and healthier.
  3. Conditioner is essential – It is amazing how many people gather so much beauty and health information and tips but miss the most basic things. The fact that a conditioner is to be used every time you shampoo often gets lost on many people. We did mention the effect of too infrequent shampooing earlier. A conditioner helps arrest some of that slide and nourishes the hair back to its natural state. So whichever the best shampoo for hair growth you are using, do remember to use a conditioner immediately after.
  4. Oil is gold – This is especially true for people who have hair which is shoulder length or more. If you have such length of hair, it means that such hair has been growing for years, and gradually losing its natural moisture and oils. That is why applying oil on your hair externally is of paramount important, irrespective of the shampoos and conditioners you might be using.
  5. Take External Help – If you look at health conscious people around you, it will become clear that not all the nutrition they need is provided by the food they eat or the fluids they drink. The reason is because our food is no longer as organic as that our forefathers ate. That is why you see people popping vitamin pills and other supplements to nourish their bodies. If that can be accepted as par for the course, then there is nothing wrong in using the same logic to your hair. You can consider trying some supplements for your hair such as Biotin which your body might not be providing.. Before you do this, though, make sure you take the advice of your doctor.
  6. Move That Ponytail Around – Betty Cooper, that sweet girl next door from Archie comics, is a favorite of many, because of her many endearing qualities. A whole of us love her just because of her cute ponytails, though. If you have the habit of tying your hair in a neat ponytail, there is just one thing to be taken care of. Tying your ponytail at the same place can sometimes become a habit. What this does is apply the tension on those same strands of hair every day, which is not right. So, move the position of your ponytail around from the base of your neck to high up on the back of your head.
  7. Snap Those Ties – While on the topic of ponytails, let us go the whole hog and offer another advice which you might not like completely. What a hair band or tie does is to hold your hair in a tight clutch, which put a lot of tension on the roots of the hair. This can lead to complications like broken strands or frizzy curls. Try to use as much pins and clips instead.
  8. Put those machines away – A lot of proud owners of good hair do unspeakable damage to their gift by using hot rollers, curling wands, straighteners or even chemical relaxers. These do not help hair growth but make the hair fragile and brittle. Use them carefully or not at all.
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