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Do scalp massages really regrow hair?

Do scalp massages really regrow hair?

We all desire a luscious mane. Hair is one aspect of our overall look that can never be overlooked. People suffering from hair loss and thinning know how difficult it gets sometimes. Hair issues severely impact our personality and social life. Hence, many people have tried to find answers to this, and the answer is positive.

According to various hair experts, scalp massage proves helpful in combating hair fall issues. Hence, scalp massage plays a significant role here. It does positively impact and facilitate hair growth. Head massage can boost hair regrowth, stimulate relaxation, and improve blood flow to the scalp. The most important part of a beneficial massage is first creating a healthy scalp with hair restoration products many containing biotin, keratin and saw palmetto. The best options are natural products free of parabens and sulfates.

Research conducted from time to time shows that frequent scalp massage can increase hair thickness in both men and women and reduce pattern baldness in men. However, scalp massages may not be as effective in controlling pattern baldness in women as there is no concrete evidence to prove it.

Can Scalp Massages Regrow Hair?

There is proper evidence that scalp massages can regrow dormant hair, but the process needs to be consistently done. If you do it once and assume it will boost hair growth, it won’t work. You must be consistent and in the effort on your part to regrow hair through scalp massages.

A nice and effective scalp massage boosts blood circulation and helps regrow hair. Also, there is a relationship between stress and hair loss. Stress can be reduced with the help of a scalp massage that reduces hair fall or loss, thus aiding and promoting hair regrowth. In fact, in some cases, it takes months to boost hair growth.

So, the answer to “Does massaging the scalp regrow hair?” is a definite yes. However, the time taken in the process can vary from one person to another. And you should not forget the natural hair care product that the massage can benefit in the hair growth process. It is a time-consuming process and will take a considerable amount of time. The time taken is due to the coinciding of the hair growth cycle with the new routine.

The phase of hair-shedding lasts for about 3-5 months, and it is only after this that the regrowth phase begins. Massaging the scalp increases blood flow to the follicles, improving the elasticity of the follicular cells that get stimulated to produce thicker and stronger hair.

There are 5 phases in the hair growth cycle which are as follows:

  • Anagen or the growing
  • Catagen or the transition Phase
  • Telogen or the Resting Phase
  • Telogen Phase or the Exogen Phase
  • Early Anagen Phase or the Growing Phase

Scalp Massage for Hair Growth - The Benefits

Scalp massage is beneficial for hair growth. A message of at least 50 hours of hair growth over a few months can cause improvement in the frontal hairline and crown area of the scalp. The benefits of a scalp massage for hair growth include the following:

  • Increased blood flow to follicular cells
  • Reduced hair loss
  • Growth of new hair, particularly in the frontal hairline and crown area
  • Reduces hair thinning and deals with pattern baldness
  • Stress relief

Scalp massage will provide these benefits when done effectively. There is a method of scalp massage that, if done, will bring the expected results. You can either use an electric scalp massager or simply your hands to spend some time following the routine.

If you are massaging your hands, a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes a day should be considered for your daily routine. Doing so will help stimulate hair growth, while using the electric massager for 4 minutes daily will provide the same results.

Massage My Scalp for Hair Growth-How Often Should I Do it?

This is a question asked by several people trying to regrow their hair through scalp massaging. Scalp massage is a powerful tool that leads to hair regrowth. The more you massage your scalp, the more you will reap hair growth benefits.

Research shows that massaging the scalp daily for at least 20 minutes will provide the best results. This usually works in 2 steps- stopping hair loss and re-growing the hair. Massaging is beneficial for both.

Also, a couple of pressure points on the scalp when massaged will help your hair grow back. Massaging the temple, crown, and sometimes across the scalp helps speed up the process of hair growth. These pressure areas require a bit of stimulation. And when efficiently done, the hair growth is fantastic.

What are the Disadvantages of Scalp Massage?

Scalp massage is deemed to be a safe process to follow. It does not hurt people practicing it. However, if it might cause any problems then that needs to be diagnosed by a medical practitioner. There could be scalp lumps, bumps or pain. If that happens, visiting a healthcare professional is advised to seek the right solution. If you have any nervous problems, you must consult a professional before starting a scalp massage. People with vertigo should be selective about scalp massage.

Hair fall, loss and regrowth of hair are a sensitive topic, and people of all ages suffer from anxiety issues when they start losing hair. Using Biotin Xtremes biotin shampoo. Biotin keratin conditioner and biotin hair restoration spray, along with a proper scalp massage of about 20 minutes daily, can help solve the problem to a large extent. Natural shampoos and conditioners contain organic ingredients that cause less damage to hair quality, thus helping boost regrowth, and maintain proper hair health.
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